Public complaint about my toddler’s behaviour. What other duties should a nanny undertake? Toddler friendly hotels.

Last Updated on : 8th March 2013

Dear South West London Mum,

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Wandsworth Flower!

“If Lady Gaga removes the massive plastic flower from her head you can come in.”

Its been a few years since I’ve had to negotiate my way into a pub but as I tried to persuade the Balham bouncer to let my party into the bar, I had a flashback to my student days.

We’d popped in last Friday night after our annual school quiz night, which was as usual, a riotous affair.

It’s parents only, always fancy dress and one of my favourite nights of the year; when the mums and dads go totally over the top with both costumes and merrymaking.

And those costumes were now causing a few issues with the venue we’d chosen for our “after-quiz” party.

Admittedly it’s not every day that Lady Gaga, Russell Brand, Katy Perry and a tribe of cavemen carrying spears ask to look at the wine list and Mr NappyValleyNet wasn’t fooling the other customers with his “I’m a chubby Beckham lookie-likie”, but I really didn’t expect the plastic flower to be the issue.

“You can keep the spears and the bloke in the dress is OK but we have a strict rule over headgear, sorry.”

So if you spotted a large plastic flower sitting forlornly outside a Balham pub that was us and I promise we took it home in the early hours of the morning.

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Our events calendar had FORTY FOUR listings for today alone! FORTY FOUR! (click here). It’s an amazing round-up of activities, events, fetes, open mornings and things-to-do. If you have an event please POST DETAILS FOR FREE! In the calendar this week: Little Sunshine by the Tara Arts Theatre Group, an amazing local production  (click here), Sewing classes  (click here) and a family quiz night for the Anthony Nolan trust (click here).

Don’t forgot AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site! For sale this week:- a widgy cushion (click here), a Phil & Teds Verve (click here) and a Salomon jacket (click here).

That’s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team


PS Would you like to win a tree hammock from Jo Alexander, a pamper package at Independent MindBodySoul or a four hour spring clean from “Done and Dusted” then enter our FREE competitions here!


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