Regular beggars in Nappy Valley? Warning: local supermarket car park camera error? 10 things you should know before you extend your kitchen! Good news for Wandsworth Common and Crossrail.

Last Updated on : 2nd March 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“And the Peruvian Maca root is extremely helpful for those approaching the menopause.”

Last Thursday I promised Mr NVN that we’d go out for dinner, but I may been a little economical with the truth.

Our friends at Linear London (click here) were hosting a raw food workshop in their gorgeous kitchen showroom so when I said “dinner” I actually meant goji berries and when I said “we” I actually meant myself and thirty other women.

OK, I didn’t realise he’d be the ONLY bloke there, but I thought he might benefit from learning a little more about healthy eating.

Bereft of male company (and increasingly aware that the discussions had a certain “women’s health” theme) he became extremely interested in Linear’s marble worktops and warming cupboards. When the demonstrator exclaimed the benefits of bee pollen as an aphrodisiac, I thought he would burn a hole in the nearest splash-back, such was the unwavering focus of his gaze. Ironic, as I couldn’t even get him to glance at a s*dding sink when we extended our side return.

Ninety minutes later we were heading down Balham High Road carrying bee pollen (for my daughter’s hayfever I MUST stress) when he turned into Marmaris and shouted over his shoulder, “I’m going to follow her advice, get raw onions on my kebab and fingers crossed they’ll have some Spirulina in the chilli sauce.”

I think that last comment may have been sarcasm.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Regular beggars in Nappy ValleyRegular beggars in Nappy Valley? NVH wonders why they’re not “moved on” or dealt with by the council?…click here for details

It may have been Buck Fizz who topped the charts with “My Camera Never Lies” but they obviously didn’t operate the Sainsburys car park in Balham. Turns out their camera does tell fibs and it’s been sending out some false tickets!…click here for details

Irishlassie25 is renting a lovely house but having a bit of a nightmare with dust and dirt from builders working on it. Does she have rights or can the landlord do what they want?…click here for details

10 things you should know before you extend your kitchen! A must read guide to creating your perfect kitchen by Zoe Dare Hall…click here for details

SUCCESS! YAY! After months of campaigning for the future of Wandsworth Common there is good news about the Crossrail 2 project…click here for details

Regular beggars in Nappy ValleySticking with community campaigns, Krystina wonders if you’d like to attend a Rally Against an extra Heathrow runway?…click here for details

Honeygranola asks if anyone has experience of non-invasive Down’s syndrome tests? She’s just discovered that her NHS screening results show an increased risk …click here for details

And the medical questions continue. Clairel1 has just discovered she has the BRAC1 mutation putting her at an increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She’s unimpressed with the response from St Georges and would love to hear from anyone with thoughts or similar experiences. I really hope we can help you Claire…click here for details

Susyb needs a doctor who can remove a cyst from her son’s face with minimal scarring…click here for details

Bluebutterfly asks if anyone has recent experience of a planned c-section at St Thomas’and if so, what date was it scheduled for?…click here for details

2009Kat wonders if anyone knows how long she’ll have to wait for speech therapy for her pre-school child on the NHS?…click here for details

Sadiq Khan MP is hosting an event to celebrate International Women’s Day at the Mushkil Aasaan Community Centre on Thursday 5th March…click here for details

Regular beggars in Nappy ValleyKateHelloMums needs a new vacuum cleaner and wonders what she should buy? Henry, Dyson or Miele? I had to get rid of my vacuum cleaner as it was just collecting dust! (not my joke but Tim Vines!)…click here for details

GardenRosie has a little Fiat 500 which she loves but she’s having another baby and wonders if she can get a rear facing baby seat inside her racy Italian wheels?…click here for details

Wandsworth’s fish-box scheme is growing! Do you want to your seabass on subscription?…click here for details

Elizad needs a Life/Career Coach and we’ve already had some great recommendations, thanks everyone!…click here for details

DaniellaSW11 wants to tell you about her excellent financial adviser. Thanks Daniella, you’ve reminded me to check my will!…click here for details

Lalectrice is looking for a good employment lawyer on behalf of a friend whose been made redundant. Her friend has been bullied and suffered several miscarriages which may have made her employer keen to get rid of her…click here for details

“If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake”! Unlike the popular song, Bodders1 *is* planning ahead and looking for a baker!…click here for details

1bFrom cakes to tracks! Vendredimanche needs suggestions for a fab DJ for a large party of 35-45 years old. Who should she hire for her wheels of steel?…click here for details

Oab is looking for suggestions for sport classes for toddlers around Northcote Rd?…click here for details

Looking for a new role? Check out these brilliant vacancies!

Hamptons International are looking for a Saturday sales assistant to start in two weeks time. No experience necessary but a large dose of common sense is essential!! (click here).  Ayrton Windows are recruiting for a part time role in their finance team! (click here). Tempotots are expanding their venues and looking for new tempo tots leaders (click here).  The Baby Drop are looking for an enthusiastic new member of staff  (click here).  Sulivan Sweetland, a small classical music management company based in Clapham South, are looking for a flexible freelance administrator (click here).

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have TONS!

The NVN Working Mums Breakfast Club is on Thursday the 5th March! (click here).  Want to take part in a BBC TV programme? Elainedoran is looking for audience members! (click here).  Due to the success of The Baby Drop’s 3-day-a-week pre-school, they have decided to open for 5 mornings a week (click here) and check out our weekly “What’s On” email for more ideas! (click here)

Do you want to go on a “trip” just like Madonna at the Brits? (Geddit!) We have a heap of holiday ideas! 

Allybee33 is looking for a small place to rent in Provence? (click here).  Juliantenniscoach is thinking about going to Dubai without children and asks if you know of a suitable hotel close to the beach and/or tennis facilities (click here).  HappyinSW18 needs recommendations for a slightly more sophisticated cleaning company who could manage a property (click here). Earlsfieldite is travelling with their three year old and wondered what the child meals are like on British Airways(click here).  Kaybe2014 has a 1 bed apartment in Sardinia for rent (click here). 

From travel to education, can you help with these school questions?

The Falcons School for Girls has an Open Day. Its on Saturday the 21st March! (click here).  Just in case anyone is considering a move to Sussex, Great Walstead School have organised a family day on 7th March to which all are invited (click here).  Dragonfly is looking for insight from people with children at Finton who are very bright and outgoing (click here).  Mountaingirl has nursery dilemmas in Sw11! She needs advice from those with previous experience of local nurseries? (click here). 

Our House and Garden section is busier than a Chelsea supporter after yesterday’s win! 

Shan72’s heating won’t work. Do you know an excellent engineer? (click here).  Mills1234 needs to purchase metal railings and a small gate for their Victorian terrace? (click here). Thepea asks if anyone has used Urang builders? Would you recommend them? (click here).  Lizzilark needs a roofing company who can use leak detection equipment(click here). Hol49 is looking for a a reasonably priced window cleaner? (click here).  Are you bored of your existing kitchen cupboards? Fancy a change of colour? Tinkerbell will sprinkle some magic on them! (click here).  Calliwally is looking for a local oven service company (click here).  Pc1008 are converting their loft, who would you recommend they use? (click here).  Lastly, Lucy Gardening Lady is looking to rent a 1-2 bedroom garden flat! (click here)

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Beautiful ride on fire engine for £100 (click here).  Maxi Cosi Cabriofix 1st Stage Car Seat and base for £40 (click here).  Blue BUMBO floor seat with tray for £10 (click here). 

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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