Relatives kissing children on lips: inappropriate? Car bumped: insurance fraud? Summer traffic meltdown: Trinity Rd. and St James Dr. closed. Chicken pox vaccine: should we have it?

Last Updated on : 29th June 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“So you want to buy a yacht from a bloke down the pub?”

Mr NVN had just returned from his regular post-tennis pint and he had an idea.

His ideas were not usually good things, after all this is the chap who thought a bar-b-q scented man candle for my fathers 80th was a ”shoo in.”

“Not exactly,” he replied, “this bloke down the pub is selling a boat and I may have told him your website could shift it for him.”

There was a pause, he was waiting for my reaction to being dragged into his plan.

“Are these the details?” I asked, picking up a scrap of paper from the kitchen table.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea, a smart gin palace would sit well with the NappyValleyNet brand.

“The Sea Pig???”

And with a name like that perhaps not.

Although his faith in NVN was quite sweet, I’m pretty sure we’ve never sold a porcine sounding pleasure craft alongside the usual prams and pushchairs.

I won’t clog your inbox with the rest of our conversation, but if you’re wondering why AnnabelsArcade has a yacht for sale (click here) you now know why and if someone does happens to buy it through NVN, I’ve persuaded his friend to donate a percentage to a local charity.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

A lot of supportive replies to last week’s post concerning the NVN’er whose husband had visited an escort. Thank you to everyone who replied. From the original poster’s update it looks like counselling is the next step so fingers crossed from everyone at NVN…click here for details

Relatives kissing children on lipsOne morning last week HT discovered a note on her car claiming she’d bumped another vehicle. Only she hadn’t moved her car at all. Insurance scam?…click here for details

Relatives kissing children on the lips. Normal behaviour or a bit inappropriate? The jury might be out on this one!…click here for details

SH wants to know if you’d be interested in raw milk? I am udderly clueless about it but if you’d like to hear more don’t let this post go past-your-eyes (geddit!) here for details

414 had an issue with the Broadway Photography Studio, anyone else been charged for a “free” session?…click here for details

I REALLY hope we can help with this post: BB would like recommendations for a PND therapist…click here for details

DDL wanted advice on loft conversions in Battersea. Thanks for replying Sadia!…click here for details
There was a burnt out car on Northcote Road, does anyone know why, asks T&R?…click here for details

Relatives kissing children on lipsTrinity Road is going to be closed Southbound for a few months, writes Lorrwa. Thanks for the update L. and to steal shamelessly from Chris Rea, “This will now be the road to hell!”. All aboard the Sea Pig, we can SAIL around Nappy Valley!…click here for details

There is a new doggy grooming parlour coming to town! And it’s opening on Trinity Road! So whilst you’re stuck in traffic you could pop out and have a quick shampoo and set for the Fido! And probably a slow one too…click here for details

If you haven’t been stuck on Trinity Road for so long that your eyes have melted, you may have noticed the new hanging baskets on Northcote Road. Where did they come from? Who put them there? All is revealed here!…click here for details

MD asks about baby sitting rates, is £10 an hour too high?…click here for details

4Now this post is about unwanted pregnancies and young mothers but not for humans, for cats! Should KS find a “Tom” for her feline?…click here for details

We had our first Au Pair meet up last week. 17 said they were coming and almost 30 turned up! It was brilliant, lovely to meet you all and post here if you want to join our next one!click here for details

I went to the launch of the new gallery on Battersea Rise last Thursday, it’s a lovely space with some beautiful art, well done Joanne!…click here for details

SW1234 asks if anyone has contact details for the Wandsworth Horticultural Show?…click here for details

MM wants to ask about iron supplements for vegetarian children. Might an iron deficiency be the source of her son feeling tired in lessons? here for details

Launderapp have posted details of their new time saving app. One hour slots for delivery and pick-up and it works for both traditional laundry and dry cleaning. There’s a £10 discount for NVN’ers too…click here for details

Our good friend Emma at First Aid for Life has posted details of THIS WEEK’S first aid courses and she has discounts of up to 20%. Courses start as soon as Wednesday. Thanks Emma!…click here for details

6Steffie wonders if her little one should have the chicken pox vaccine? here for more details

WM is desperate for someone to give her a foot massage – any suggestions?…click here for details

MO2U2 has lost a hand knitted baby blanket somewhere in Clapham and Balham, it has huge sentimental value so if we can help that would be great! (click here)

It’s almost the summer holidays, but schools are still front of mind for these NVN’ers!

Flolan asks about Shaftesbury Park School, can you share you impressions/experience?…click here for details

SH is looking for other parents with children in Parkgate’s 2016 reception here for details

Haggis68’s eldest is on the waiting lists for five private schools and is now wondering if she needs to register her youngest as well? That’s over £200 per child of deposits, is that the only way!!?…click here for details

Great to hear from happy parents at Rutherford House, thanks for keeping us posted!…click here for details

Sharlene lives in Merton but wants to apply for a school in Wandsworth – is that possible, she asks?…click here for details

Looking for a new job? We have more vacancies than the England Women’s Football Team has goals!

Cavendish and Country Removals need a full or part-time office administrator (click here). DASCAS are looking for someone to help disabled people access benefits. It’s a part-time role and would suit a local parent (click here). RT is looking for an illustrator, can you draw? (click here). Finally a brokerage team in the City of London need a part-time marketing and events coordinator (click here).

Zebra Skate is an amazing course for skating zebras. Ok, maybe not! But it IS amazing and the best way to describe it is a mass of games and excitement on roller skates. They have sessions at the Latchmere as well as Rollersoccer and more opposite the Albert Hall! (click here).

Giffords Circus is getting some pretty good reviews! Thanks MM!…click here for details

If you’re looking for more activity ideas, check out our regular Thursday email packed full of things-to-do (click here).

We had a wonderful time at the Abbeville fete on Saturday and the Northcote Road Summer Fete is on Sunday the 12th of July! Check out “Tempting Fetes” for more details! (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Wimbledon has strawberries!

Giggles asks if anyone has experience of Burke and Wills, as she wasn’t too impressed? (click here). Polly asks if a utility room adds value to a property(click here). L. would ike to recommend the Gorgeous Garden Company (click here). On a similar(ish) note, AL is hunting for someone toinstall decking, artificial grass and a new fence (click here). Mary needs a carpenter, try Billy on 07814 492755! (click here). RLilly is looking for a short term let for July – September (click here)  MB would love your cleaner recommendations (click here)  BR4T has some great advice concerning Freeview interference, thanks! (click here

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: an iCandy Peach (click here) a Ikea single bed (click here) and a Baby Jogger (click here)

Phew, that’s it, have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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