Review of Elaine Tomkins Rosalena FaceFit Facial at ReCentre

Last Updated on : 30th September 2015


I’ve never really been a fan of facials.


ReCentrePast experiences have left me red and blotchy, feeling like an oil slick or with a break out spots from hell.  But there’s been a couple of threads on NappyValleyNet recently raving about a new type of facelift facial available locally so when Elaine Tomkins got in touch with the NappyValleyNet team offering a complimentary Rosalena FaceFit treatment and Annabel asked if I like to give it a go; I took one look at my furrowed brow, puffy eyes and saggy jowls and thought why not?

The facial took place at ReCentre’s treatment rooms opposite Bertie & Boo on Balham High Road.  Elaine’s room was calm, scented with a Rosalena oil and featured one of the comfiest treatment tables I have ever used.  A layer of fluffy soft pillows added to the effect but more importantly I felt in safe hands. I’ve always felt that this is one area that beauty salons should really focus upon. All the sandalwood and pan pipes in the world aren’t going to relax you if you don’t trust your beautician but Elaine spent a long time talking to me about my general health, problem areas and any medication I was taking, so as I settled down I felt well and truly chilled.

ReCentreElaine then asked how I wanted to feel and look after today’s treatment and that really gave me pause for thought. I hadn’t even considered that aspect.  I had a jam packed afternoon ahead of me: ferrying children, walking the dog plus a quick Waitrose shop to squeeze in so I simply said “ready” – “ready to face a pretty hectic afternoon.”

A qualified Aromatherapist as well as head of Massage Training for Neal’s Yard Remedies, Elaine used our conversation and her wealth of  experience to select a  combination of Rosalena Rock & Rose oil and cool jade stones from the fridge.

The stones because my skin that day tended to redness and heat and the oil to energise and awaken my skin ready for my busy afternoon.  Then it was my chance to sink into the wonderful cloud of pillows on the treatment table while Elaine calmly went to work on my face.

A layering technique stimulates the facial muscles targeting areas of tension and tiredness but there is none of that pinching, flicking or tugging that can make one feel like a pizza base being flung around at the Express on Trinity Road.  It was a gentle lifting and sculpting

ReCentreexperience and it felt and smelt sublime.  As she worked, Elaine explained how she was gently boosting circulation and micro contouring with deeper massage to transform the underlying tissue structure and appearance of my face.  I have no idea what that means but it felt gorgeous, the stones were cool and soothing on my skin and by activating acupressure points, tensions seemed to magically dissolve.

When Elaine handed me the mirror I was thrilled, I looked better, felt better and my lethargy had disappeared.

I rushed home and my eldest daughter opened the door and her first comment was ‘you look great, where have you been?’

I know it’s vain but I did keep checking myself in mirrors all day. My face looked lifted, significantly less jowelly, my skin was smoother, much less red and I felt and looked fab, even without make up. One close girlfriend, a few days later, quietly asked if I’d had any “work” done which I know is terribly shallow of me but I took as a massive compliment.

I KNOW it’s way too early to be talking about Christmas but I’ve already put in an early request to you know who for a regular slot with Elaine and her Rosalena FaceFit experience.

Believe me, the rave reviews are true.


246 Balham High Road,
SW17 7AW

020 8772 0222



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