Revision: Top Tips From Ernest Bevin College

Last Updated on : 30th May 2018

As many teenagers wade their way through weeks of exams, Ernest Bevin College’s English Department shares some top tips to refresh the daily grind.

It’s not too late to make a difference to your grades. One or two marks might be all it takes to go up to the next grade – you can make that change

Be organised and give yourself plenty of time to revise each subject

Don’t give up and don’t get distracted. It’s hard to stay focussed but every little bit

– Ask for help – speak to your teachers or friends who you know are good at a certain

– Attend any additional revision session your school lays on, the teachers want you to
get the best marks you can and these sessions will be aimed at helping you prepare

– Search the internet or ask your teachers for Knowledge Organisers, Revision Mats
and Mind Maps (eg –
These exist for lots of subjects and are really helpful summaries of what you need to

– There are also videos online but remember – don’t just watch. Active revision means
taking notes. It WILL help you remember more

– Use revision resources such as BBC Bitesize and GCSEPod and books to help test your

– Do plenty of practice questions. You may not get the same question but you may be
able to use part of an answer you have practiced in the exam.

– Time yourself when you do questions so that you know how long you have to answer
each one

– Short bursts of revision are better for you than mammoth sessions. It is good to
take a break and do some exercise, but stay focussed and come back to it

– Pack your bag the night before your exam and make sure you have everything
you need (pens, calculators etc)

– Time to turn off all devices, put notes to one side and get a good night’s sleep

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