It’s your round – quiz night at the Earlsfield.

Last Updated on : 22nd February 2018

So, there I sat, having been bludgeoned into going out on a Monday night to take part in the still relatively new regular pub quiz at Earlsfield’s ‘The Earlsfield’ pub. Mondays are for me the ultimate school night where the only acceptable past times are reading or ironing, but let’s be honest whenever the Queen of the Wharf (QOW) wants me to do something, it’s only a matter of minutes before I give in and agree to it.

On this occasion, there wasn’t too much in the way of resistance as I hadn’t done a pub quiz for quite some time and had been keen to try the Earlsfield’s take on the institution. The Earlsfield itself is a pub that has grown on me somewhat since it opened, right I still think that the food can be expensive, but it is usually of good quality which goes much of the way to justifying the price tag.

Another reason for going is that the prize at the Earlsfield is worth playing for, it’s not free to enter like the one at the

Wandle across the road, it’s £2 per team member. It does, however, come with a £100 minimum guaranteed prize pot.

On Mondays, the food options are augmented by a more reasonable range of tasty looking and tasting according to the QOW pizzas for just £5. She had a chicken and sweetcorn number, thin crispy and fairly sizeable. I wasn’t too hungry and went for a small dish of buffalo wings. This contained about 8 wings so was enough to sate my appetite, the sauce though was hot enough to weld steel and caused water to start leaking from my forehead. These weren’t an offer and came in at £8.50

The quiz itself was divided into 6 rounds, starting with the almost obligatory current affairs. I was exceptionally lucky as the next two rounds were on cartoon deaths and world hotels, areas on which I was surprisingly knowledgeable. The QOW had pretty much steered us through current affairs and so, we felt we were on a good footing for round two.

To cut a long story short…we won. I think it was partly the serendipity of two rounds where I had an expected advantage (I watch a lot of travel programs and cartoons,) and that we weren’t up against that many other teams.

I would recommend this quiz; the pub manager runs it and not one of the quiz co’s that seem to be doing so many of them. This gives it much more personality and as you’ve seen unpredictability as to what areas the questions will cover.

The pub is comfortable and made for winter and spring months, and there are a great prize and cheap food options. Wine is a little on the pricey side, however. So ‘The Earlsfield’ don’t fret, you’ll probably get your prize money back, we’re just holding onto it for you for a week or so.


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