Same baby name as friends – ok? Battersea Tower Block Fire. SW12 car vandal warning.

Last Updated on : 16th April 2018

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

As I mentioned last week we’ve been spending part of the holidays on the coast with extended family and friends.

My young niece, who is pretty urban, has taken to the country life with gusto, helping our hosts with their chickens and even bottle feeding the odd lamb.

During last nights roast supper, after her third story about how much she loved the countryside, she suddenly stopped gushing about the wildlife to ask a question.

“One of the things I think strange,” she said gesturing towards her fork, “is that there are animal chickens but then there is ALSO a food called chicken.”

“How weird is that?”

The table went quiet whilst we collectively worked out how to reply.

I guess we could have agreed with her and let it slide or, if you’re my husband, you point out that they’re actually the same thing and that one of the friendly animals from the farmyard is currently on her plate.

I’m not sure if she actually cried herself to sleep that night but it certainly sounded like it.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet…

TODAY is national primary school offers day, when parents find out which state primary their children have been awarded. Please do share your news and queries here (read more). If you have any questions on catchment areas and appeals, our community will do it’s best to help!

M.’s great friends have just named their new baby the same name they have planned for their first. To use or not to use, that is the question!? (read more) We had that. Mr NVN was gutted that Daenerys was already taken by his best friend.

U. needs your help to find a good family mediation service as she and her partner are likely to split (read more). I am so sorry to hear that. Come on NVN – we can do this!

F. warns us all of a brazen attack on her parked car off Nightingale Lane last week. Sounds very frightening – thank you for sharing (read more)

And sticking with scary situations, a fire broke out on the 13th floor of a tower block in Battersea last week (read more).

There’s been quite a debate about the new multi-media hubs dotted around the neighbourhood (read more).

S.’s posted last week about only being able to afford to send one child (of two) to independent school. Many of you who were “that child” in the past have come forward to share how it affected you. Thank you to everyone whom has taken part (read more).

And there’s a Tooting Green Drinks debate about capitalism in our society this week, so if you fancy a lively discussion, you know where to go (read more).

T. would like your recommendations for a good sports physio (read more).

And A. asks if anyone has any personal experience of CBT or psychotherapy(read more).

On the same theme: Children’s Therapies now offer Teen Therapy services including issues with perfectionism, poor sleep and eating aversions (read more).

No time to cook from scratch in the juggle of life? Italian online deli Nife is Life now does restaurant quality ready-to-cook meals direct to your door (read more).

M. would love your recommendations for antenatal classes (read more). Take them – that’s my recommendation! Oh, you mean as in a provider?

S. has reported back to thank you for your speech therapy recommendations and is very pleased with their choice (read more). It was a pleasure!

A. would love their 2 year old to learn another language. Do you know any good local Italian playgroups? (read more)

Great news for anyone with an Android phone and a car that needs a spruce! The very brilliant and well-reviewed Wash Doctors are now available on Android. With just a few clicks somebody will appear out of the ether (quite literally) to make your wheels shine once more! (read more)

Fancy a treat after the Easter holidays? Pop into All About The Girl for their treatment of the month and lots of other lovely packages too (read more).

S. is looking for a driving instructor for an automatic car (read more).

L. is looking for a careers adviser to help someone in their early 20’s (read more).

The London Children’s Ballet is performing at The Peacock next week with The Canterville Ghost. Created to appeal to boys, girls and parents too it’s the perfect introduction to ballet and classical music (read more)

And whilst we’re on the subject of amazing theatre trips, our managing editor Charlotte, has been down to Clapham Old Town to see Gauhar Jaan – The Datia Incident. It’s local, it’s a clever play and it’s brilliant (read more).

We have a trowel full of House & Garden posts!

H. would love your recommendations for a company to supply and lay a new turf lawn (read more). GW Cabinetry has posted some examples of their bespoke furniture– classic contemporary, traditional and modern (read more). Wallace Cotton, a new opening on Northcote Road, has got a lovely 25% off duvets and matching pillowcases for the rest of the week. Time for a refresh? (read more) B. is looking for a housekeeper for 10-12 hours a week in Brixton (read more) H. would love to hear from you if you know a particular loft conversion company (read more). N. is moving to London and considering Richmond.  Is it a nice area and can you help with schools, she asks? (read more) The Smart Kitchen at Grand Designs Live at Excel in May will showcase the latest innovations in the world of kitchens in live hourly sessions. Get your free tickets right here! (read more) Another date for your diary is the Share Community Plant Sale and Healthy Living Community Day in early June (read more). P. would like to know if any charities accept donations of bed linen (read more). E. is looking for a reasonable carpet fitter (read more). And C. would like to know of any inexpensive architect or a similar alternative (read more).

We have an OFSTED inspection full of Schools posts

H. is looking for an independent co-ed prep school in Putney or nearby and would love your recommendations (read more). So much discussion on the question of Honeywell vs local independent prep schools (read more). Exceptional Academics are running an 11+ and 13+ Booster Course over May half term (read more). T.’s post asking about non-selective senior schools in London has had several replies (read more).

We have a check-in desk full of Travel posts!

F. has just finished a refurb of their luxury 8-bed holiday home (it’s a castle!) in Dorset and has availability this summer (read more). W. is looking for a summer holiday au-pair to go with them to Fife (read more). I can au pair – take me! Y. has posted details of a Yoga/Pilates escape to Sicily in May (read more). Ommmmm. The thread onfamily-friendly hotels has started up again – just as one holiday finishes…get thinking about the next one! (read more) F. is thinking about Turkey this July – any recommendations for a family? (read more)

We have an interview panel full of Situations Vacant

Join the Puddle Ducks team as a Swimming Teacher or Poolside Assistant in Tooting and Wandsworth (read more) A part-time children’s activity leader (training provided) is needed to, errr, lead activities! (read more) We also have a live-in or out nanny positionfrom mid-September in SW11 (read more). And an after-school nanny position in Parsons Green (read more). Lastly, a family near Northcote Road want an au pair! (read more)

Lastly it’s your For Sale posts

A large pink/purple Islabike Beinn 20 (read more). A CD cabinet for sale (currently used for shoes!) (read more). An upright piano for sale (quickly!) (read more). And an Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser in black (read more).

Phews, that’s it – have a great week!




Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team

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