“Sash window” robbers arrested. Caution: moving out for refurb can cost child school place. Weekly activity budgets for nannys?

Last Updated on : 17th February 2014


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Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Erykah was involved in an awful road accident with a police car near the Latchmere and is appealing for witnesses as there is now a dispute over liability…click here for details

Some dreadfully sad news, a Tooting grandfather was murdered last week in a domestic robbery…click here for more details

On that note, Mamaclapham asks, “is crime increasing”?…click here for details

However, the police have now made arrests linked to the recent series of “sash window” robberies…click here for details

moving out for refurb can cost child school placeThe Northcote Tank Parade continues to generate strong feelings. I’m saying nothing!…click here for details

Looking to book driving lessons? Then you need Wandsworth’s own “Pass First Time Tutor to the Stars” (OK, I made the celebrity bit up but most people taught by Claire pass in one go).…click here for more details

Rooting4tooting wants to know what “ARK are building on the corner of Beechcroft Road and Burntwood Lane?” (click here)  and what are the two new free schools in SW17 and where do they feed?…click here for details

Ashlingo had a shocker! She’s renovating a house in the catchment area of her preferred school but renting in another area during the works.The council used her Lambeth address for school admission purposes and her son faces a very long commute when they move back!…click here for details

Can a pedicure give you a fungal infection? Eurrrggh!…click here for details

AbbevilleMummy needs to know when to start toilet training with her 26 month little boy? I’m not always sure Mr NVN has been totally toilet trained!…click here for details

Meg has a ton of stuff and is looking for an eBay seller to get it all online!…click here for details

Our great friends at Like Minders are now offering permanent nannies!…click here for details

On a similar (ish) note, Freya is seeking a responsible person to walk her two children home from school and prepare supper two or three times per week. …click here for details

You know that relaxed feeling you get from fun “after work” drinks? Shenay must find her colleagues a buzzy local bar to let their hair down after a tough day at work. Errrrr…Bertie and Boo Adventure Island?…click here for details

Similar but different! Salsamama is looking for a party venue with a bouncy castle for 4th birthday party? Shenay, thinking of your earlier question, might your work colleagues want to kick off their shoes and bounce their cares away?…click here for details

Our friends at Sammy Duder have been voted one of the White Company’s five favourite half term ideas! Shenay, might your work colleagues want to throw a few pots at Duders? Just trying to “blue sky” some suggestions!…click here for details

moving out for refurb can cost child school placePersonal trainers and pro dog walkers have to buy licenses to work in parks. R4T wonders if the same should happen in Wandsworth?…click here for details

Two nanny questions! First, Wahoo asks if (and how much) might you give a nanny for a weekly activities budget? (click here) and IWW wonders hownanny shares work in terms of hours/pay/locations etc?…click here for details

MS wonders which is better, the C&W or the St Georges maternity unit?…click here for details

JulieA asks if the ICandy Peach Blossom 2 Twin stroller fits in a black cab with two carrycots attached?…click here for details

SM’s son has started hobbling around. She’s not happy with the diagnosis from her GP, what should she do? A paediatrician has replied in the strongest possible terms that she needs to see a paediatrician. Thanks guys!…click here for details

A different SM wonders who might fix a Microscooter?…click here for details

And onto travel…Kaptainette needs Spanish holiday suggestions (click here), SamJoy is looking for a lovely place to stay in the Cotswolds for a weekend with her husband and 1 year old (click here) and MZ wants the same in Cornwall…click here for details

Are you a budding Zola Budd? Pinkfishblues is looking for a running buddy on Clapham or Wandsworth Common…click here for details


Our schools section is busier than a Sochi Piste Basher!

BeaandBels Recently moved to the area and is now in a “massive panic” about schooling generally…click here for details

Kummily wonders where families tend to live when they have children at Broomwood or Thomas’s Clapham?…click here for details

LD’s son is currently in Year 1 out of the UK but will return in 18 months. How tough will it be to go into a selective school at seven?…click here for details

Astolat wonders if anyone has experience of Shaftsbury Park school?…click here for details


Our House and Garden section is busier than a Sochi Ski Waxer!

Pieinthesky14 needs a recommendations for a builder for some pretty major work (click here) CQ would like range cooker recommendations (click here) SamT needs urgent help locating a leak (click here) Bamse wonders how much it costs to remove paint from brick? (click here) Clark9 needs a fence repaired (click here) CZ is looking for someone to build cupboards (click here)  SM needs someone to fix their front wall and railings (click here),Bobby wonders if someone can mouseproof his/her home (click here)  MM needs a loft conversion done on a semi-detached house in a conversation area, not easy! (click here) CB needs the same but for side returns (click here) CD would like a hedge replaced (click here) and lastly Superbalhamnanny has 4 big boxes available (click here)


The NappyValleyNet calendar is bursting at the seams!

The Ickle Pickle Incubator Ball is being hosted at the Tooting Tram & Social on Thurs 13th March and tickets are now on sale. (click hereThe Pump House Gallery is delighted to present “At Home”, a major touring exhibition by artist Hetain Patel (click hereClapham NCT has a playgroup for babies and toddlers (click here) and there is rock climbing at the Aspire Centre! (click here)


Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- M.A.H has a 4seater sofa for sale (click here), Kiki Heart has a Brand New Elle Tens Machine (click here) and Pod Fresco Bloom Highchair (click here)


That’s it, have a wonderful week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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