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Scam in Waitrose car park: £500 stolen

Last Updated on : 24th December 2018
Scam in Waitrose

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

So this is THE week of wishing everybody a Merry Christmas.

As you leave shops, as you say goodbye to friends, as you run around headless-chicken-style delivering presents, the mood is most definitely festive.

Only one sleep to go.


Got the sherry at the ready?

For Father Christmas, not you!


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

C. has posted news of a horrible scam in Waitrose Balham car park where she had £500 stolen last week – be careful. Thank you so much for sharing and be careful out there everybody! (read more)

P. wants to know whether she needs to get her son’s haircut before school interviews? Whaddya mean a feathered mullet isn’t in the school dress code? (read more).

mother is appealing for help to find her daughter, last seen in the Clapham Junction area (read more).

Six Wandsworth councillors have failed to pay their council tax on time (read more).

Back to happier news and you can now enjoy panoramic film watching at Cineworld Southside (read more). Imagine … a screen as large as their biggest tub of popcorn!

L. would love to know what’s replacing Starbucks on Northcote Road? And any other local openings news, please! (read more)

G. has a two-bed flat available to rent in Wandsworth if you have an overflow of rellies this Christmas! (read more)

L. asked about swimming lessons for children and she’s had all sorts of helpful replies – lots of little fishes out there, it seems! (read more)

The question about Canada Goose or Woolrich has prompted lots of replies about cosy coats as well as a debate about using real fur (read more).

C. has a new au pair who would love to meet others. Anyone out there keen to meet up? (read more)

U. is looking for an after-school nanny from January (read more).

found a key and alarm fob on the Bolingbroke Grove side of Wandsworth Common. Are you locked out? (read more)

L. is keen to teach children the importance of financial responsibility with pre-paid credit cards. Wish someone would pre-pay for a credit card for me – fun! (read more)

Don’t miss a lovely ticket offer to see Return to Elm House at Battersea Arts Centre this Christmas holiday – perfect for anyone over 6! (read more)

V. has posted details of a volunteering opportunity for any film makers out there. Know a budding Spielberg? (read more)


And a sled full of House & Garden posts!

O. is looking for a short let while they renovate in the early new year (read more).

L. would love to know where to get a lampshade covered (read more).

Artfinder sells original art by artists from all over the world, so if you’re looking to fill a space on a wall in the new year, start your search with them! (read more)

S. would love a builder recommendation for work on a front garden wall and fence (read more).

K. has new windows and has posted to recommend the company they used (read more).


We have more schools posts than Rudolf has carrots!

The best performing Wandsworth primary schools for Key Stage 2 results in 2018 have been revealed (read more).

F.’s question about unauthorised absence from school has sparked an interesting debate on the subject (read more).

L.’s daughter starts at Marmalade Cat next year and would love to hear from other families about how they manage childcare arrangements around nursery hours (read more).

Four Year 6 Wandsworth Prep School pupils were among the first to visit the refurbished library at the Centre for Literacy (read more).

Places are still available on the Exceptional Academics’ Mock 11+ Exam at Belleville Primary in the early new year (read more).

Somerset Nursery has posted to say have spaces with the free 30 or 15 hours where eligible (read more).

WenLin Chinese School is opening new classes at Bolingbroke Academy in 2019 (read more).


Here are those Situations Vacant

Volunteering opportunity to develop branding for the Battersea Olympics 2020 (read more).

7+ Maths and English tutor with Exceptional Academics (read more).


For sale

Child’s (aged 10-14) white Dawes road bike with drop handles (read more).

Tickets for Christmas at Kew (read more).

Never-used Lindam stair gate (read more).

V-Tech singing educational bus (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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