School crossing guards threatened. Bertie and Boo for Northcote Road? Father’s estate sued, advice needed. Eight local shop closures

Last Updated on : 30th March 2015

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Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Firstly, a ton of shop closures, openings and retail rumours…JK has been told that the units opposite Balham’s Du Cane Court won’t have their leases renewed. That’s a very sad goodbye to Bucci, The Nightingale, Oriental Bloom, Noels Studios and the Spicy Noodle Bar…click here for details

Asknicky asks if the Abbeville Bakery has closed down? Do *you* know if they’ve baked their last bun? (click here).  On a similar note, Judiblackstone is sad that Vito’s on Northcote Road has gone…click here for details

School crossing guards threatenedRumourMill (great username!) heard that Bertie and Boo are coming to Northcote Road. Are Balham’s brightest on their way to SW11?…click here for details

Finally, Gingercat2 queries if anybody knows what’s replacing the Stencil Bar on St Johns Hill? I’ve no idea but it would be ironic if it was a paint shop!…click here for details

Pud1 wonders why people queue to get into the Breakfast Club? What is SO special, he/she asks? If this were click bait we’d continue with “AND THE ANSWER WILL SHOCK YOU!” (click here) But we’re not and it’s probably just a very trendy bar!

I hope we can help with this query: MummyandMax had her purse stolen from Waterstones in Clapham Junction. Please be careful, she warns, and if you find her beautiful purse which was a gift from a family she used to nanny for, she’d appreciate it returned…click here for details

School crossing guards threatenedCoffeegirl has been contacted by a “no win, no fee” law firm and they’re looking to sue her late father’s estate. Can anyone recommend a defense lawyer?…click here for details

Greyingmum is looking for recommendations for a marquee hire company. Where might she rent a massive tent?…click here for details

Galpod would love advice for great jogging routes around Wandsworth Common…click here for details

Wimbledon AFC need tax advice for their small company…click here for details

Lucullus wants to share an article about cyclists and our toxic road culture. Oooh, we’ll have to be “wheely careful” this doesn’t get too heated!…click here for details

4The Skylark write that they hope that you changed your clocks yesterday (“stable door” and “horse bolted” are the phrases that spring to mind for my household), also to tell you that they’re now on Springtime opening hours. Mine’s a mochacinno! …click here for details

Bluerose has never been to Bicester Village and is keen to go. Are the discounts worth the journey, she asks? …click here for details

6There’s a new restaurant in Streatham called “The Hood” and it gets a great review in the Evening Standard. See you there!…click here for details

Ladyofacertainage has prolific teenage phone droppers and needs somewhere to get a very cracked iPhone screen replaced …click here for details

Shopper is hosting a 4th birthday party and wondered who is “hot” in the kiddy entertainment world right now? If you know the 1D of toddler charmers then post away! (click here)  Sticking with parties, Soriano is looking to hire a room for 70 guests, ideally in Kensington, Chelsea or the Battersea/Clapham area? (click here). 

Hhirst asks about vaccinations for Chicken Pox. Is it worth having (now that she has a little one) and hasn’t been infected previously?…click here for details

Ilovecupcakes is hunting for a highly recommended PTSD psychologist …click here for details

5Jane74 needs suggestions for a doctor/homeopath for baby allergy testing?…click here for details

On a similar theme, Juliantenniscoach has become intolerant to lactose (milk, cheese, cream etc) and is intrigued to see what else might affect him? Does anyone know where he might find this out? …click here for details

Morski are a newish family to London and trying to navigate the healthcare system. Do you have recommendations for a private GP in or around Fulham? …click here for details

Anna1103 needs recommendations for pregnancy yoga, she is 17 weeks and would love to try something new around Clapham or Battersea …click here for details

It’s not just One Direction looking for new staff, check out these fabby vacancies!

The reCentre are looking for a reception manager/duty manager (click here). Roo needs a part time book keeper (click here).  A City-based executive search firm are looking to take on a highly experienced office manager. (click here).  and Matilda is looking to expand her team of tutors (click here).

Searching for activity and meet-up ideas? We have more than Jeremy Paxman has political questions!

Wandsworth_Museum is running a ‘Children’s Easter Fun and Crafts event’ on the 1st and 8th of April. All activities are FREE (click here).  The Doodle Bar in Battersea are hosting a workshop in screen printing/tie-dyeing (click here).  Are your teenagers off to Uni but they can’t cook? The Cookhouse are repeating their smashing “Teenagers Heading Off” lessons (click here).  Peasepudding are a group that meet once a month in a Wimbledon to drink wine and discuss their chosen book (click here).  Newmum99 has a lovely Spanish au pair who is 19 years old. She is keen to meet up with people of a similar age, particularly with a view to practising her English. (click here).

School’s (almost) out for Easter but you still have a ton of education questions!

NorthcoteLuvvie read that the crossing guards for Honeywell school are paid for by sponsorship and that the funding runs out soon (click here).  Milosowner asks if anyone has any musical instruments that they may be able to donate to a special school in Tooting Bec?  (click here).  MumRus is searching for home schooling families in Wandsworth, she’s thinking of following suit (click here), Jessie1259 is looking for recommendations for a GCSE science tutor to help with revision in all three sciences? (click here).

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions!

Moop would love feedback from previous customers of Barnes Design (click here) Mamaccs asks ‘does anyone have experience in dealing with Wandsworth Council to purchase a freehold?’ (click here).  TheMuir needs a a good company to fix dishwashers? (click here).  Glamgrangrin is looking for an excellent upholstery cleaner (click here).  Emibt4 is hunting for local upholsterers to make curtains and blinds (click here).  Renma25 needs window cleaner recommendations (click here).  Mum10000 is looking for a gardener who can take care of their small SW11 garden (click here).  TeixeiraJ are are a working couple looking for a studio or one bed flat (click here) BB would like to recommend La Galleria, they did a great job framing her pictures! (click here)  Mel wants to rent a garage (click here) and Matthew doesn’t have a garage but he does have office space on Northcote Road for rent! (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Two Grobags for £12 (click here).  Mamas and Papas Moses basket with brand new matrices and matching stand for £40 (click here).  Philips Avent DECT Model baby Monitor for £45 (click here).  Citizens of Humanity Maternity Jeans for £10 (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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