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Over the last decade, the number of pupils at Emanuel School has risen from 700 to 900, with applicant numbers soaring from 250 to 600 for 85 places in year 7. Registrations have closed earlier each year, as so many parents apply more than two years in advance. As demand grows, the challenge for the school is to maintain its friendly, family feel and stay true to the broad coeducational aims and values of Lady Dacre, which she first set out in 1594. The good news for parents is that the school has increased funding for bursaries and scholarships, including 15 fully-funded places from September. It is undoubtedly harder to get in nowadays, but more affordable for some. Source: Emanuel School.

Some pre-prep and prep schools require registration the day your child is born, or shortly after.

1 – 21/2
Start to consider catchment areas for state schools. Almost all pre-prep and prep school applications will need to be submitted within this period.

Preschool or kindergarten starts.

State primary school application deadline. For children who have their 4th birthday in the coming academic year (September 1st August 31st), the primary school application deadline is the January before the child is due to start.

41/2 – 7/8
Pre-prep school.

State primary school; your child will start in the academic year he/she is 4 years old.

4 – 7/8, 11 or 13
Independent prep school; your child will go for an assessment for selective schools aged 4.

7/8 or 13
Independent day schools or boarding schools. The 11+ exam will be taken in January of year 6. The 13+ Common
Entrance exam is taken in year 8. There is a year 6 entry at some independent secondary schools, with exams taken in year 5.
Children may have to sit pretests for boarding schools in year 7.

11 – 18
State secondary school. Apply by October 31st of year 6. Grammar schools set their own exams, taken in year 6.

13 – 18
Independent boarding or day schools. The 13 + Common Entrance exam is taken in year 8.

16 – 18
The results of GCSE exams taken in year 11 dictate entry into sixth form or a sixth form college. Check admission dates at individual colleges as some request earlier applications.

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