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Schools are opening up for all year groups in Nappy Valley

Last Updated on : 30th June 2020
Schools are opening up for all year groups in Nappy Valley


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

When helping a child bake, especially an older one who reckons they’ve picked up some decent Mary-Berry-like skills during Lockdown, can I recommend you double-check a few points in advance?

For example, you may have said “double the recipe”.

And when queried you’ve insisted, perhaps a even a little irritably, that they “just double EVERYTHING”.

In these circumstances its worth clarifying that you don’t actually mean the oven temperature and cooking time.

Otherwise you might, like me, find yourselves in a 24 hour Tesco at 11pm, looking for replacement ingredients, with an angry teenager babbling in your ear about how they were meant to know you didn’t actually mean EVERYTHING!


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

L. is contemplating leaving her husband but wants to talk to a lawyer first. If you know anyone who fits the bill, let her know, but please remember this is a real person with a real problem (read more).

Lots of responses coming in for H. whose husband doesn’t want to tell the kids he has lost his job (read more).

There were unlicensed raves on both Clapham and Tooting Common on Saturday night (read more). That’s a 2 metre rave right?

An increasing number of Nappy Valley schools are opening up for all year groups (read more). But not all are opening and there a LOT of unhappy parents.

Sadly, QT Toys was shoplifted but they caught the culprit red-handed and ask if anyone has any info (read more).

P. is considering a vaginoplasty and asks does anyone have experience of Dr Dimitri Panayi (read more).

T. is in need of a Pedi – get in line lady – but all salons, nail bars, spas and gyms have been told to remain closed because they cannot social distance sufficiently, what should she do? We are all ears (eyes and toes) on this one… (read more).

And D. can help you organise and declutter your home (read more). Bet you couldn’t do mine! Even Marie Kondo would weep desperate tears of angry frustration if she could even get through my front door. Maybe.

All praise to the creators of bog blog loo locator helping people find London public loos that are open so we can plan our days around our bladders! (read more) Those are words I never thought I’d write. Or need.

D. has solved the mystery of the road closure at the top of Trinity Road where it meets Wandsworth roundabout and it involves a sewer and some ninja turtles, nope sorry, wrong city (read more).

Y. is really worried about her 18 month old brother who will not eat. What can she do? (read more)

And the perfect antidote to lockdown, Camp Suisse invites your kids and teens to join them this summer for a COVID – compliant, action-packed, spectacular summer in the alps (read more). My daughter went a few years ago and she LOVED IT! (review here)

L. is looking for a sleep trainer for her 8-year-old who takes hours to fall asleep (read more).

M. is looking for a summer club for her 10 year old. The club he was booked on has cancelled and her boss won’t let M. work from home, can you help? Have a look at our ‘What’s On’ emails, for inspiration, M. (read more). And I don’t mean this flippantly; perhaps also look for a new boss too?

Playball summer camp booking is now open too (read more). PLAY. BALL!

And lots of parents are looking for a local basketball club, can anyone help? Looks like there is a real gap in the market here (read more). Hang Ten! Or is that surfing?

T. is optimistic that we can travel come early July so is looking for recommendations for Spain or more specifically Majorca (read more).

And D. is slightly more cautious and wondering if its Ok to go to the shops or better to continue online shopping(read more)

O. is studying psychology at Exeter university and is available for tutoring A level psychology and politics. She is also available for babysitting and nannying (read more). Ooooh perhaps she could combine all her disciplines and teach her babysitting charges about British Prime Ministers? Bet that would send them to sleep!

B. is available for French tutoring or to help with French homework (read more). Bonjour!

T. is a teenpreneur who has set up her own home delivery sweet company (read more). Sweet!

We have Lebanese street food coming to Tooting Broadway Market (read more). Oooh that’s my favourite! Food that is, not just Lebanese. Although I do love a good Meze!

Peter Jones in Sloane Square has re-opened and apparently, we are all buying baby sleep suits and buttons (read more). If Mr NVN came home with a baby sleep suit it’d be the last thing he ever buys. And he’d be wearing it to sleep with the fishes!

And Nueground which was only open a few months before lockdown re-opens on 4th July. See our feature on the sustainable café in Abbeville Road which transformed into a deli and set up an online shop to get through lock down (read more). Yay!

Great news for schools, funding has been secured for 16 school streets making our roads cleaner and safer (read more).

And finally, the congestion charge has been increased to £15 and extended to evenings and weekends to help the environment and it seems some of you are less than happy (read more)


We have more House & Garden posts than Barnard Castle has eye tests!

J. needs advice with prices for interior decorators (read more).

Be inspired by Clara Bee’s downstairs loo whacky interiors in their latest blog post (read more).

Or spruce up your home office with some ideas from Paint The Town Green (read more).

M. is so happy she wants to shout out about Kasia’s cleaning company (read more).

D. needs an end of tenancy clean for a home she is moving into. How about Kasia’s cleaning company (read more).

T. needs someone to help him renovate his garden (read more).

S. is giving away four free trees to anyone who wants them (read more).

Cast, by The London Joinery Company is opening its showroom by appointment only today (read more).


We have more Schools posts than Trump has empty stadium rallys!

A. would like to connect with other reception parents starting at Honeywell School in September 2020 (read more).

S. wants your views on Woodentops nursery in Clapham (read more).

T. is looking for opinions on Brandlehow school (read more).

A. is looking for a tutor for her 15 year old daughter to prepare for the science trilogy this summer. Is that like the Godfather trilogy? Sorry, science was never my forte (read more).

A. is an ex-pupil at Roche School and has second hand uniform available (read more).

A. and M. are looking for second-hand Finton House uniforms (read more).

J. is looking for second-hand uniform for Eveline Day School (read more).

Bolingbroke’s head boy appeared in the Sky programme, ‘The Coronavirus generation’, talking about how young people have suffered in this pandemic (read more).

And Whitgift school is running a summer school for Year 5 students from local state schools to help those who have been impacted by the current crisis (read more).

Streatham & Clapham Prep have unveiled their new playground (read more).

Streatham & Clapham Prep’s virtual open day is on Wednesday 1 July (read more).

And Streatham & Clapham High School virtual open day is on 2 July (read more).

Eaton Square Belgravia is running a virtual open day on Wednesday 1 July (read more).

Harris Academy’s new school in Wimbledon will not be ready by September (read more).

Goldfinch Primary in SW16 still have nursery places available (read more).

Growing Young Minds and Test Club are running a virtual verbal and non-verbal reasoning course on 27th July (read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant!

Honeywell School is looking for a school business manager (read more).

G. is seeking an assistant paid hourly to help with the launch of a calendar tool for parents. The candidate can work remotely but would be ideally situated between the commons (read more).

M. is looking for a nanny/housekeeper on Clapham Common Northside (read more).

W. is looking for a cleaner in SW18 (read more).


For Sale

Isla Bike Beinn 26 large (read more).

iCandy Orange twin pushchair in Carbon grey (read more).

ABC Design Zoom Tandem with carry cot and rain cover (read more).

Baby Bjorn bouncer (read more).



Bugaboo buggy (read more).

Snuzpod (read more)



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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