A School with a Philanthropic Heart – School Profile

Founded in 1619 by Edward Alleyn, Dulwich College offers a diverse social mix bringing together a breadth of talents, characters and backgrounds. It’s an academically selective independent day and boarding school where all pupils feel equally valued. The school is deeply committed to outstanding teaching for public examinations combined with Free Learning, an extensive programme of learning beyond the curriculum, and to nurturing curiosity and a sense of social responsibility. The school’s ethos is one of equality, and its values are founded in respect and support for others alongside inspired teaching and genuine scholarship in and beyond the classroom.

Children are getting involved in lots of community projects and are gaining a much broader view of the world

At the heart of the founder’s mission is philanthropy and over 38% of pupils at Dulwich receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Two hundred pupils are supported by means-tested bursaries worth over £4m; 75% of bursaries are for between 75% and 100% of fees; and full bursaries at Year 7 and Year 9 also include funding for academic trips, coaches, uniform, lunch and music lessons. In addition to excellent public examination results, Dulwich offers a truly holistic education with a breadth of opportunities, underpinned throughout with strong pastoral support. On arrival at the College each boy is allocated to a Day House. His Housemaster will provide further care and guidance, helping to monitor participation in co-curricular activities alongside the Tutor. This well-established pastoral system ensures that the individual needs of boys (and their parents) are well attended to and that the continuity of care is guaranteed.

On leaving Dulwich, many pupils go on to the most competitive universities in the UK, US and other global destinations. 2022 sees Dulwich marking the great explorer and alumnus Sir Ernest Shackleton’s centenary with a year of fascinating exhibitions and talks at the College. Sustainability is on the school community’s agenda and they are committed to reducing its carbon footprint through action in every area of the College.

It is the school’s mission to fulfil its aims and build on its achievements. “It is our responsibility to enable Alleynians to be thoroughly well prepared for the challenges of the 21st century and this includes helping pupils set themselves independent challenges – and support others with their challenges. Another part of this preparation is service to the community and an appreciation of its importance,” adds Dr Joe Spence, the Master of Dulwich College.

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