Welcome to the eighth annual NappyValleyNet Schools Guide.

September brings new beginnings to parents and pupils alike; a new academic year, a new school perhaps, certainly open days to attend and important school choices to be made, and ultimately, the hope that the world of education has made learning more relevant.

The good news is that school heads and groups have been tweaking the curriculum to drop learning by rote and deliver more independent and autonomous learning, to support pupils’ resilience and wellbeing. Our feature tracks this welcome move.

Time spent away from the classroom is more relevant than ever and we look at the merits of school trips, why using an outside consultant might help you make the right choice of school, share best practice on prepping for admissions, showcase why boarding is a fast track to independence and explore when and how best to switch schools when they don’t pass muster.

Our regular features on affordability, championing neurodiversity, open day dates and essential timelines, plus Early Years education options, are also crammed into this 124-page bumper issue.

We hope all our information and advice will lead you to the best educational home for your child. As always, please do let us know how we can improve.

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