Welcome to the fifth annual NappyValleyNet Schools Guide.

Since we published our first guide back in 2015, the London school landscape has continued to evolve and change.

New schools have opened, exam systems have been overhauled, the majority of London day schools are proving harder to get into than ever, and parents are presented with a dizzying array of choices.

But the overriding question remains the same: How do I choose the best school for my child? The answer may be state or independent, day or boarding, academy or charitable trust, and the aim of this guide is to help make those choices easier and less stressful.

Over the following 140 pages you will find school profiles, interviews with education professionals, advice on how to make the most of open days and much, much more.On page 71 we take a look at mental health and why the ‘right fit’ of school is so important.

On page 81 we consider the rise of youth activism and why it is so positive, and on page 53 we explore the exciting ways today’s students are learning beyond the classroom.

We hope that you find this guide will help lead you to the best educational home for your child and, as always, please do let us know how we can improve.

Warmest wishes

Founder, The London Magazine Company Ltd

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