Welcome to the seventh annual NappyValleyNet Schools Guide

A new academic year has just begun and we hope that it will coincide with school children’s fervent wish for their friendship groups and teaching to revert to pre- pandemic days so they can continue their educational journey unabated.

We couldn’t create this year’s Guide without looking at the impact the pandemic has had on children’s wellbeing, learning and exams, three features that anchor this year’s edition.

Our regular feature on the choices facing parents remains at the heart of the Guide with a thorough look at the options of single-sex v co-ed, London day schools

v out-of-London, day v boarding and state v independent. Hopefully it will take the angst out of the bewildering array of options on offer.

We also look at how to instil a passion for 65 books at a young age, explore the trend towards teaching outside, discover how to ensure your SEN child reaches full potential, advise how to prepare your child for boarding, offer ways of finding the fees and provide a guide to the all-important autumn open days.

There are 116 pages crammed full of practical advice and insights for parents and we hope they will lead you to the best educational home for your child. As always, please do let us know how we can improve.

Warmest wishes

Founder, Nextville IP Ltd.

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