“Shots fired close to Clapham Nursery”. Can I ask my au-pair for some personal space? I’m a Lambeth resident, can I get Wandsworth school place?

Last Updated on : 16th February 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Do you want a bath?”

My young niece and her family were visiting last weekend and she’d obviously developed a huge crush on our regular babysitter.

I guess there aren’t many presents that an adoring five year can offer in a house that isn’t her own, but she’d obviously decided a bath was within her gift.

“Errr I’m ok thanks,” replied our neighbour’s daughter, whom I suspect had never been offered a wash on walking through the door of a client’s house, “I had one just before I came out.”

“Are you sure?” my niece continued, “it’s still warm.”

“Absolutely,” replied the trusty teenager but my niece wasn’t ready to take no for an answer, she still had one more trick up her sleeve.

“I haven’t weed in it,” there was a pause, “I think.”

At that point my sister-in-law stepped in and ushered the tiny salesman up the stairs. My daughter, however, was busy running and squealing around the kitchen after realising that most of the baths she’d recently shared with her little relative were very probably not just bubbles and water.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

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From the Evening Standard, “Shots Fired Close to Nursery in Clapham”. On closer reading the nursery was closed and no-one was hurt but it’s nevertheless extremely scary…click here for details

Jen66 wants to remind you that this year Lambeth are NOT sending parking permit reminders so it’s up to you to check your permit and renew. Yup, we have just been caught out! I’ve gone through five scratchcard parking permits this week!…click here for details

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Taramac, a top childrenswear brand, is planning to hold a sample sale in Battersea in the Spring. I initially read that as TARMAC and was thinking, “wow that is a brand extension”, but it turns out its a gorgeous range of children’s clothes. They are seeking a venue and have looked at Broomwood Methodist Hall but are there others they should consider? …click here for details

Shots fired close to Clapham NurseryIrap is looking for a face painter for the 7th of March. They want someone fun and friendly who will paint little boys and girls! Whenever I tried facepainting at school fetes no-one can tell what they’re meant to be. How can a fairy look like a toad?…click here for details

Shan72 is looking for a simple cake for her daughter’s 6th birthday for 15 children . Does anyone have recommendations for shops or affordable bakers and if anyone mentions Greggs you are banned for life! …click here for details

On the same theme… Onthewall needs ideas for a birthday party for a 14 year old active boy? Doesn’t want to travel far and it’s for five boys...click here for details

I REALLY hope we can help with this question. I’m scared of horses but loved the Jilly Cooper books so feel I am destined to live around horses one day! Rooting4tooting’s daughters have got the horse bug, but they’ve no idea where they might ride or how to judge a riding school. Can anybody offer recommendations please? I might help with the tack and hope to meet Nappy Valley’s answer to Rupert Campbell Black! …click here for details

Shots fired close to Clapham NurseryFrom mucking out to muck on the streets (not sure that link worked tbh)…is dog fouling a problem on our streets?…click here for details

Denshort needs recommendations for a local piano tuner? Can you help Denshort tunefully tinkle those ivories?…click here for details

The creche at Battersea’s Latchmere Leisure Centre is under threat from closure. If you want to keep it open it’s a good time to get involved!…click here for details

Wandsworthmummy12 has just been offered a new job but it would require her to work shifts. She has a 5 year old son and no idea how she can make this work. Do nannies start as early as 6:20am? …click here for details

Great Minders, the sister of much loved childcare company Like Minders, has launched to fill the gap in the market for elderly care. Good luck guys!…click here for details

Shaneleone is a great friend of NappyValleyNet and has been looking for an Au Pair without much success.  She is wondering how much families pay a Mother’s Helper? …click here for details

And on the same theme, NAP has a question about au pair étiquette…. they are relatively new to using an Au Pair and they like her but she just tends to “hang out” with them whenever she is free. Is it “done” to ask for some space?…click here for details

CB’s 5 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Social Communication Disorder. This is on the autistic spectrum and she is considering home tuition as a result. Does anyone have experience of home tuition and what is the cost in terms of school friendships later? …click here for details

A’s three year old missed out on a BCG (as Wandsworth didn’t offer it when he was a baby) and has now been told that it won’t be on offer as a teenager either. If they want it they’ll have to pay and are struggling to find somewhere that can help. Does anyone know somewhere more local? The Westover Clinic cant help…click here for details

carHamfelbel needs recommendations for an MOT garage within SW11/SW17. Can you suggest a marvellous mechanic to manage her MOT?…click here for details

Juliantenniscoach has found some left property at Clapham tennis courts; one racket cover containing, phone, wallet with cash, now at the booking office. Thanks Julian! We LOVE Julian! …click here for details

Looking for a new role? Check out these vacancies! THERE ARE TONS!

Bambinomerino is an amazing local business whom we’ve known for years and not only that they are lovely people! They’re growing and looking for a permanent part time customer Service/Order Processing Assistant. Pick me, pick me! (click here).  Wordbird are an ambitious, Battersea-based communications company who need a book keeper. (click here).  2chaosmonkies posts about a growing Financial Services Company (helping to fund startup businesses and other good things) who are looking for someone with press contacts and experience in PR (click here).   Elina looking for someone with good IT skills to provide support to her husband’s company (click here).  Carolinelibby123 are expecting their 3rd child in April and would like to find a mothers help / nanny (click here).  jennyb<3 has just moved to the area and are in desperate need of a reliable and trustworthy cleaner (click here).  Monnie_beresford is a responsible & friendly girl looking for work. She has a full time job as a secretary for Strutt & Parker but she is also looking for evening and weekend work (click here).  Scotsem is looking for a dog sitter! (click here).

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have TONS!

MTC asks on behalf of her husband: are there any groups/meetings in the area for dads? They have a 7 month old boy, so it’s a bit early for soccer yet (click here).  Beataka23 is looking for other nannies or au-pairs to hang out with in and around Putney and Wandsworth area! (click here).  Laviola is an Italian mum currently on maternity leave. She has been meeting up regularly with some other local Italian mums and is really enjoying it! Are there any other Italian mums, or mums with an Italian connection that would like to meet up (click here).

It may be half-term but there are still a ton of travel questions!

MM has booked their first holiday to Canada as a family and can’t wait to go. Their little one will be 5 months at this point and they are after some advice on what to take? (click here).  Falconmum has finally booked their holiday time off work and are looking for some mid-range , toddler friendly options for Sardinia? (click here)  Juju is looking for a week of sun, beach and relaxing time… ideally all inclusive. Is the Canaries Islands too windy or too cold right now? (click here).  Abbevillelocal has a beautiful large property to rent which can sleep up to 20 people in a beautiful part of Normandy(click here).

School’s out but your questions are still coming in!

Shopper needs recommendations for a tutor for 11+ for KCS 11+, Godolphin and Latymer and LES (click here).  Nats75 asks if anyone sent their toddlers to either The Willow Nursery or Pixies Nursery in Clapham? (click here). CMB’s daughter has been offered a reception place at Eaton Manor Girls School but before she accepts it would be very helpful to hear other’s experiences (click here).  Alderbrook vs Ravenstone? Broken Dad is torn between the two! (click here).  BigCat79 is in Lambeth but hoping for a Wandsworth primary. Her question is… if a Lambeth resident was closer to a school by distance than a Wandsworth resident, who would be offered the place? (click here).  Ngulra are in the fortunate position of being in the catchment areas of both Henry Cavendish School (Balham) and Telferscot School does anyone out there has experience of either of these schools? (click here).

Our House and Garden section is busier than the Greek Finance Minister!

SOL has a mice but has found a company that will super proof the house and seal up all holes and entry routes. Sounds too good to be true? (click here).  Calliwally are in the process of redesigning the kitchen space and are about to embark on a side return. Has anyone got a John Lewis kitchen and how do they compare to other kitchens? (click here).  Sticking with la cusine, Tink asks “has anyone used Puccini or Simply Kitchens in Tooting?” (click here).  Scrummymummy3 wonders if anyone has used the Traditional Shutter Company for their shutters(click here).  Babyintuition would like a recommendation for someone to repair a curtain rail in a bay window(click here).  Williamsmum is looking for some sturdy, large, outdoor dustbins with lids that clip on? (click here).  Erwheaton needs names of a decent window cleaner in the Battersea area (click here).  Lastly, are you looking for a 5 bed house to rent between the commons from about May for a year (possibly longer) It has been refurbished to a high standard and has a good size garden (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

An Ikea HENSVIK Cot bed for sale £60 (click here).  Silver Cross Twin Stroller Pop Duo for sale £130 (click here).  and an  Anna swinging/glider cot for sale £40 (click here).

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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