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Son Mugged on Northcote Road

Last Updated on : 14th January 2020
Son Mugged on Northcote Road

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NVN was given a Chinese take-away cookbook for Christmas.

Which obviously meant that he HAD to immediately buy a brand-new wok and a two-hundred-pound rice cooker before he’d drained a single water chestnut.

“OMG?”, was all I could mumble, whilst he unpacked the bag from his latest trip to Chinatown.

“Bamboo steamer and birds nest strainer,” he replied seeing the incandescently irritated quizzical look on my face, “if you can help me unpack them that would be great”

I kind-of zoned out of his description of what they were all for but unless his cooking skills start to match all the pricey equipment we now own, he’ll be asking a doctor to help him unpack his steamer from a very-hard-to-reach place.


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

T’s teenager has been mugged twice in ten days. Once at seven o’clock on Northcote Road. So sorry to hear about this T. it must have been horrible for you all (read more).

And knives are still a big problem in our community as police chase three men with machetes (read more).

N.’s post is also rather disturbing. A man set his dog loose on her son and his friend on Wimbledon Park. Did anyone see the incident(read more)

M. started a new job on December but still hasn’t been paid. What to do she asks? (read more) That sounds REALLY dodgy, time to cut your losses?

Lots of responses in from happy patients of local GP practices in Clapham South / Balham in response to R.’s search for a good GP (read more). At last some good news!

D. asks if anyone knows a physio who can help with prolapse and pelvic floor strengthening. I am sure many mums will be interested in this one! (read more)

More helpful responses are coming in for D. who is concerned about a potential move to Montreal (read more). This is a REALLY hard post to read, I really feel for you!

A bit closer to home, F. is moving to the Shaftesbury Estate and wants to know if it’s safe and friendly. Looks like we have a lot of supporters of this lovely community (read more).

J. is looking for a party venue with inside and outside space to host 100 people. I’m looking forward to my invite! (read more)

V. asks the age old ‘where to go for a soft play kids’ party’ question. Hit her with your venue suggestions people. It’s OK if my invitation gets lost in the post for this one (read more).

And J. wants an outdoor entertainer for ages 5-9 year olds (read more).

B. is looking for doggy day care three days a week (read more). Have you tried the Dogfather? Our puppy Luna LOVES them!

And L. is a new dog walker in town (read more).

And S. is not cooking this week and looking for delicious ready-made meals, any recommendations? (read more) Oooh Chicken Cottage anyone?

L. wants to know how much a live-out nanny costs – priceless I’d say! (read more)

4. is looking for a girls’ hockey club apart from London Wayfarers at Battersea Park (read more).

And N. is a local mum and maths teacher available for tutoring (read more). I know N. and she’s amazing – seriously seriously good.

C. is looking for a charity to donate a colour laser jet printer to (read more).

Moving away from tech, do you like to belt out those tunes? If so, try a free taster session with Vocality choir in Barnes (read more). Will Gareth Malone be there, will he? Will he?

Got the January blues? Snap up a bargain at Amelie’s Follies winter sale (read more).

And for a real New Year’s ‘pick-me-up’ how about a free consultation at Melissa Coupe, luxury wellbeing clinic for all your facial and skin needs (read more).

And for the body, R. is looking for weekend, morning, drop-in Pilates sessions in Clapham Common / Clapham Junction (read more).

Half term places are available at Paradise Wild forest school club for 8-11 year olds in SW18 with an aim to connect children with nature (read more).

And further afield, Camp Suisse Ski is offering half term places for 7-17 year olds, and there’s a discount (10% NVN exclusive!) for coming with a friend or sibling (read more).

It’s competition time! Two lucky winners can win a one month free pass for Mathnasium on Northcote Road (read more). Now THAT competition prize certainly adds up! (Geddit?)

St Marks Church is offering courses for parents of 0-12 year olds looking for inspiration – where do I sign up? (read more)

Struggling with teens? Who isn’t? Check out this free six week course (read more).

Sadly, it’s the end of the line for the Debenhams in Wandsworth Southside Centre (read more). Noooo. Another one bites the dust!


We’ve got more House & Garden posts than Prince Harry has had difficult conversations with his granny!

Rampton Baseley has acquired Heaver Estates. Congrats Joel and Patrick! Goes without saying they can now help you in your property search in SW12 and SW17 (read more). 

P. has posted a glowing review for Breezetech who helped improve their wifi (read more) 

M. is looking for builders between the commons to do some hefty work including a cinema – I’ve got my popcorn at the ready! (read more)

If that royal move ever happens then S. warns Harry and Meghan not to use moving company Cadogan Tate. 

Allegedly high-end prices for low end packing (

Decimus design get a big thumbs up! (read more)

If you’re thinking of a design and build project for 2020 make sure you read our kitchen trends guide (read more)

Leanne wants to recommend a pest control company (read more).

AS16 asks about storage companies (read more)

And the Spin Doctor gets GREAT feedback based on an NVN recommendation! Whoop! Whoop! (read more)


We have more Schools questions than Prince Harry has missed calls from his brother

F. wonders if anyone will share what comes up at a 10+ interview at Kings (read more). 

Bliss Childcare & Nursery School has just opened in Wimbledon/Southfields and has places available for 2020 (read more).

Little Starlings preschool, Balham is offering £50 off registration in January (read more).

Hall School Wimbledon are hosting open days on 6th February and 7th March (read more) and The Roche has an open morning on the 22nd of January (read more).

G. wants your views on Alderbrook versus Ravenstone, looks like both of these are winners (read more). And J. wants your views on Henry Cavendish please (read more).

F. posts that Bellville Wix has recently been inspected by Ofsted and was rated ‘good’ in an old thread about the school and 3. wants to know what the early years provision is like? (read more).

Thankfully, after eight months of campaigning, road safety measures have been made outside Chestnut Grove Academy (read more).

If you are looking for Saturday French classes for your les enfants, L. posts about L’ecole de Wimbledon (read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant

B. is looking for qualified nurses for a healthcare company that provides complex care in people’s homes (read more).

The Exceptional Academics team are looking to hire Maths and Science tutors (read more)

and they are also looking for English tutors (read more).

The University of Roehampton needs a temporary HR administrator (read more).

Local online retail business, The Small Home needs someone to help with admin support (read more).


For sale

Kids treehouse bed for sale (read more).

Unused Medela freestyle flex breast pump (read more).



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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