Spring Activities at Keswick House Nursery

Last Updated on : 25th April 2023

As we hop into spring, Keswick House Nursery in East Putney has come up with some fun eco activities that could entertain your little ones at home. Read and enjoy!

Cress Heads

This activity not only teaches children how to grow food, but it is also quick enough that they will not become impatient, and it provides a yummy sandwich filling! All you need is a potato, cress seeds and cotton wool. Make a hole in the top of the potato, wet the cotton wool and sprinkle the cress seeds in – easy! Your child can then decorate the face, before leaving the cress to grow. This should only take a matter of days. If you don’t have potatoes to hand, you can use egg shells, yoghurt pots, or old plastic cups. Once the plant has grown, be sure to let your little one cut it themselves – it’s a fantastic fine motor exercise which will really support their scissor skills. Happy Growing!

Junk Modelling

Keswick House children adore junk modelling – and it’s a great way to keep them busy for an afternoon. Instead of throwing out your old boxes and plastic bottles, why not keep them for your child to create with? One of our favourites is an elephant made out of a milk bottle! Cut the bottom of the bottle off (about 2cm from the bottom), and then cut this in half again to make ears. Help your little one papier-mache the ears to the sides of the bottle, and then cover the bottle in papier-mache. I like to use coloured tissue paper for this, and give the elephant an Elmer effect, but you can also stick to more normal greys, or use newspaper and let your little one paint it when it’s dry.

Maybe they don’t want to create an animal at all – some of our very eco-conscious children love using junk modelling opportunities to invent contraptions that save the planet. We’ve had an ocean hoover, a jetpack with a claw to pick up rubbish, and even a giant net!

Nature Walk

Finally, one of the best ways to encourage a love of nature and continue the drive to save the planet is to encourage your little one to get out into nature and explore. There are often fantastic activities going on at parks and green spaces across London, or maybe you’d like to do your own thing and go on your own nature walk? You could do a scavenger hunt, or go on a wildlife hunt and see how many different animals you can see. This is a great way of keeping active too – the NHS recommends 60 minutes of active play a day for 3-4 year olds, so a nature walk would be a fantastic way to meet this target and help your little one remember that the planet is worth saving!

Keswick House Nursery offers children a high quality education in an environment where every individual is valued for who they are and for their contributions to their strong school community. Pupils achieve outstanding outcomes and leave the Nursery ‘Reception Ready’, brimming with confidence and with a love of learning.

Pastoral care is at the heart of the Nursery as emotional wellbeing and happiness are essential to the children’s success.

To book a tour and hear about their ambitious, exciting curriculum please contact 020 8704 4857 or email office@keswickhousenursery.co.uk

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