Staying married for the children? White rat is unwanted house guest! Primary school applications: proving my address?

Last Updated on : 5th January 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Happy New Year!

I used to spend the first few weeks of January writing out cheques dated with the previous year.

With the advent of “Chip and Pin” I’ve only made this mistake once so far in 2015 and that was for a Thai takeaway which tells you everything about the progress of my new year’s resolutions!

But before I fully engage my brain with 2015 I want to dwell on 2014 for just a few moments more.

At our Christmas meet-up I was asked what were the most popular posts of the year and that got me thinking.

Could we sum up a selection of the “most read” NVN posts over the last twelve months, just as we move into the new year?

And so that’s what we’ve decided to do, right here, with our first mail of the year.

Staying married for the childrenThe Romany Scout Site campaign

With almost seven thousand views of the “victory” thread alone this amazing campaign was a heart-warming example of what can be achieved when a whole community decides it wants to get something done. There were petitions, meetings, demonstrations, letter writing and a million other initiatives, all of which resulted in a great big win! Well done everyone!…click here for details

Local celebrities who live in Nappy Valley?

We may be a community-minded lot but it doesn’t stop you all liking a good dose of celebrity gossip. This thread may be a bit of a cheat (as it’s been around for a while) but it’s still been read over FORTY THOUSAND TIMES (click here) . The flip-side of living in celeb-land (maybe) is that one NVN’er wanted to know “how do I deal with famous people?” and over four thousand of you read that as well! here for details

Potential changes to catchment areas for siblings

Wandsworth Council is considering changing the “sibling rule” which may make it easier for some children to attend their local school. Over FOURTEEN THOUSAND of you read this autumn thread showing just how controversial any change will be!…click here for details

The top ten places to eat
Ok, so I really love my food and my incorrectly dated cheque is testament to that. However, it turns out many of you are foodies as well and over ten thousand of you wanted to know the best “secret” places to eat in Nappy Valley? I’ve heard back from one restaurant owner (rather grumpily) that he had to take on extra staff after his mention in this thread, so if you visit don’t tell them where you saw the recommendations!…click here for details

Kid’s favourite recipes

Sticking with food, six thousand of you wanted to read about your little one’s favourite recipes (click here)  and even more of you wondered what you couldn’t “live without” in your kitchen?…click here for details

mA mouse “Chez Bruce”

And still sticking with food, when a little visitor was spotted in Chez Bruce over eight thousand of you wanted to know more! I wonder what the French is for “squeak”?…click here for details

Local shops and local businesses

Well if it’s not food that gets an NVN’er going it seems to be local businesses and local shopping! There were tons of threads covering “what we might want on Northcote Road?” which was read thirty six thousand times, (click here),  goings on in Abbeville Village (click here) and support groups and meet-ups for local businesses (click here) 

Relationship advice

But it wasn’t all shopping and eating. We had lots of requests for lifestyle advice. From coping with a husband who wants his wife to lose weight (click here), dealing with a daughter and son-in-law who insist on keeping their grandson’s hair too long (DON’T CUT IT!) (click here)  A father removing his daughter from his will (click here)  How long should one host relatives at Christmas? (click here) and a husband slowly moving in his mother…click here for details

Nanny and Au Pair feedback

Finally, it isn’t too surprising that nannys and au-pairs were popular topics of conversation with three thousand of you wondering which topics you’d wished you’d discussed upfront with your nanny? (click here), whether some of you might using au pairs as nannies? (click here) and even if you should dismiss your nanny?…click here for details

So turning our attention to 2015, have you had time to discuss anything in the few days post-Xmas?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes!

Kicking off the New Year was “Santa Dilemma” who had a fascinating problem. Christmas may be long gone but he/she wanted to know if anyone else insists all Christmas presents come from Santa? Her relatives do and it’s driving her mad!…click here for details

Staying married for the childrenCM is having a tough time with her husband and would welcome feedback and support on her relationship. They both work hard and she currently feels empty, that they are staying married just for the kids and that there is no point to her marriage…click here for details

Bodders1s’ friend has just lost a baby and she’d love to gift her a voucher for a treat, can you recommend somewhere suitable?, she asked…click here for details

LMo3 has also had some bad news. Her brother had a pretty serious mental breakdown just before Xmas and she wondered if anyone could help with suggestions for how he might get better?…click here for details

Mum2two2012 is looking for employment experts, she’s recently returned to work and having issues over incorrect pay…click here for details

Pepper wonders how one proves an address for school applications?…click here for details

I know it can sometimes be a strain to get rid of visitors at Christmas but AlexaH11 has that problem AND SOME! Her unwanted house guest is a white rat!!! She’s wondering how to get him (or her) evicted?…click here for details

Mungomuffit has just received a school report for the term and her son is still having issues with focusing and concentration. Does anyone have any experience of this and can you give MM advice on how to help?…click here for details

From taxing problems to problems about tax. Aliw needs advice on income tax for sole traders (click here) and Firsttimer30 doesn’t have an Inland Revenue query but it IS about returns! She has a parcel which was sent to Vancouver and returned to them but the intended recipient “moved long ago”. Does anyone know a “Neill” with rellies in Vancouver? (see what I did there?!!)…click here for details

MTC is new to the area and would like to meet working mothers for a weekend coffee or a play date? I have a six month old boy…click here for details

Finally, a wonderful friend of mine works at Beanstalk. It’s an amazing charity which recruits, vets and trains volunteers to work in primary schools helping children who have fallen behind with their reading. They’ve just released this gorgeous video (click here) highlighting how you might get involved. If you’re looking for something rewarding and worthwhile to do in 2015, it’s definitely worth a look!

That’s it, have a fabby week!

We’ll be back on Thursday with our regular “Whats On” email and, until then, have a wonderful start to the year!


Annabel and the Team


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