Straight talking? How to find out if my children are doing OK at school? Introducing children to my ex’s new partner: help! Nappy Valley muggers gang back in news. NVN meet-up at Ben’s Canteen!

Last Updated on : 11th May 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

We’ve just returned from a weekend in Sweden.

The highlight was a visit to a funfair in the centre of Stockholm where my daughter insisted on riding on all of the rollercoasters.

One of them (and I can’t recall the Swedish name but I assume it translates to something like “Hellspawn” or “Twister Death”) was a cross between a loop-the-loop and a waltzer.

The only person prepared to accompany her was Mr NVN and so the two of them strapped in, belted up and waited for the ride to start.

Just before, and I mean JUST before, the launch button was pushed the operator laughed and shouted to my daughter “you are going to go so hard, your Daddy is so massive and you are so small and the difference makes it so fast.”

And with that she fired the car into the air.

For the following seventy seconds (and we had to Google the time to settle a bet) the rest of the queue debated nosily if it had been Mr NVN or my daughter who screamed to be let out, whilst the operator explained to anyone who’d listen that’d she’d never seen it move so fast.

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F&F’s youngest starts school soon and she feels for a clothing clear-out. She doesn’t have a big budget but is curious about having her colours ‘done‘? Worthwhile? …click here for details

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Sobermond is struggling to find a temporary accommodation with kids for 3 weeks. Does anyone have a good cattery address? I don’t think they’ll take ALL of you! Seriously, I hope we can help!…click here for details

Nellietator found a pair of Timberland specs on Tooting common last Monday, are they yours?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than YouGov has misleading polls!

Ayrton Bespoke are massive friends of NVN and they’re looking for an experienced book keeper. You get a free window! (OK, I made that up, it’s not true about the free windows.) (click here)  Field&flower are searching for a customer relations person. I LOVE their food and you get a free field with flowers in it. Ok, I made that bit up too. (click here)  Minies and minders are looking for a talented singing/story time personAND you get a free Mini (Ok Ok, also not true) (click here)  Lastly Felicity0204 is looking for an au-pair to spend 1 year in Aix-en-Provence in France. Pick moi, pick moi! (click here)

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Nick Clegg has election nightmares!

The tales of Pied Piper is a series of community arts, dance and storytelling workshops taking place in May and June! (click here)  Do you have to ask your little ones repeatedly to do (or not do) something? If so there is a talk for that: 20th May (click here)  Book yourAmandasActionClub party and you can receive 10% discount off your total booking! (click here)  Wondering what to do with the kids at half term? Open Air Fit are running their multi-sport kids camp during the Summer Half Term break (click here)  Do you have a budding Bugsy Malone? If so check out this musical theatre free open morning every Saturday! (click here)

We have more travel questions than the SNP has parliamentary seats (almost!)

MTC is off on her first business trip since going back to work and both she and her little one aren’t ready for the separation, any advice? (click here)  BBC One’s Home Away from Home is back and if you want to expose your personality and lifestyle to the scrutiny of millions of strangers why don’t you apply? (click here)  Mrs_m is looking holiday cottage recommendations in the UK or possibly France which haveproper full size wooden cots (click here)  FirsttimerSW11 is off to Mallorca in a few months with her 18 month old and they’re planning to buy a cheap car seat for their hire car. Good idea? (click here)  SkippyGirl is going on holiday to the Algarve in a few weeks time, and would love any tips for Lagos? (click here)  Jane74 have been using Mark Warner for ski holidays for 8 years and now that their kids aren’t teeny tiny any more it’s time to move on. Does anyone have any recommendations for good ski hotels, chalets or companies? (click here)

Here are your school questions! We have more than the BBC has Swingometers!

There is a new Saturday french school dans Fulham with an experienced, certified and native French primary teacher (Ecole Française). Tres Bon! (click here)   Roo was wondering if anyone has little ones starting at All Saint’s on Putney Common this September and fancies meeting up before they start? (click here)  Mrshansolo wants to know if anyone has any experience of Furzedown Primary school? Is it one of the best schools within the Tooting area? (click here)  Catherinedonal’s daughter will be starting in September at Ecole de Wix MS Maternelles French stream and would love for her to start socialising with children that would be attending that class (click here)  Earlsfield mummy is interested to hear from parents who chose Floreat this year. They have to make a decision soon and they can see pros and cons (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions! We have more than Boris Johnson has thwarted leadership ambitions!

Mgb is looking to do a loft conversion and the joint freeholder is requesting payment for the air space. Is there a calculation that’s normally used? (click here)  Billy is 19 years old an ex-Graveney student looking to do any odd jobs (click here)  Roxron is starting the process of getting quotes for building work and have been told of a company called Lambert & Sons. Has anyone come across them? (click here)  FabLondon live in BTC in a terraced house with noise issues. Any sound proofing YOU CAN RECOMMEND? Sorry, couldn’t resist a shouting joke! (click here)  AFS_sw15 asks if anyone has tried Camerich or BoConcept sofas, do they age like George Clooney or Shane MacGowan? (click here)  Nycmommy wants to shout out about Cedar. Their bi-fold doors seemed to a bit wonky and they fixed them with no issues at all! (click here)  Jeunesse asks if has anyone got a garage to rent? (click here)  AJ has a stunning 2 bed flat for rent on Shelgate Road, just off Northcote Road (click here)  Sobermond is looking urgently for a double bedroom between the 15th of May and the 4th of June. They have to leave their current flat next Friday and have just been informed that the one they will move to will only be vacant on the 4th of June. Eeek, can anyone help? (click here)  Twice_as_nice wonders if anyone has any advice on renting out their house for a short term let?(click here)  Room2rentplease is a British experienced nanny who is currently looking for a room to rent (click here)  TheMuir is looking for a good removal firm who is reliable and hard working (click here)

Annabels Arcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Get ready to hold those lighters in the air! Tickets for sale for Fleetwood Mac on the 28th May at the 02, £200 offers considered (click here)  four spare tickets to see Blur in Hyde Park on Saturday 20 July for £80 and The Who, The Kaiser Chiefs and Paul Weller on Friday 26 June also in Hyde Park for £75 for per ticket (click here)  and back to children’s stuff, a Playmobil Knights Empire Castle for £35 (click here)

And in our items wanted section!

Car Seat 9months/4 years (click here)  a nearly-new Yoyo Zen foldable buggy (click here) and a bundle of newborn & 0-3 months baby boy clothes (click here)   

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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