“stranger danger” posts. Sexism in the City? Property hotspot: is your postcode up 21%? Rutherford House head to leave?

Last Updated on : 26th January 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Very few of us would argue against improving London’s infrastructure.

Roads are congested, tubes packed and cyclists risk life and limb whenever they put foot to pedal.

So the CrossRail2 project is probably a “good thing” in terms of helping to make London a quicker and more convenient place to get around.

However this does not mean that we should unquestioningly accept every aspect of this project. Which is why we’ve seen huge amounts of activity on NVN protesting against the proposed CrossRail2 engineering works on Wandsworth Common and Trinity Fields.

Some NappyVallyNetters feel there is a touch of the “NIMBY” about these protests, others feel that digging up common land for up to ten years is an easy target when there are plenty of other more suitable locations.

Either way, we have very little time to protest (48 hours) so please do read the discussion (click here) and sign the petition if you feel there should be alternative plans (click here).

Rutherford House head to leave

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Two “stranger danger” posts we need to make you aware of. Police have stepped up patrols around schools in Lambeth after reports of men approaching children (click here)  and a man has been banned from two local primary schools after being found guilty of indecent exposure…click here for details

Juliantenniscoach nearly choked on his morning coffee when he read about a mother invoicing another mother for a no-show at a party. That IS pretty hardcore!…click here for details

Milliesmum’s moped was stolen from outside her house in SW12. If you have a scooter, make sure it’s locked up tight!…click here for details

Rutherford House head to leaveBalham is London’s new property hotspot with prices up 21% (click here)If you want to check homes AND school catchment areas don’t forget to use our handy map!…click here for details

Jon wants to make Tooting Bec’s road safer for everyone, there’s a petition to sign if you feel the same way!…click here for details

DP&P is worried that the creche in Balham Leisure Centre may close…click here for details

Gateway Nursery gets incredible feedback on NVN and they’ve got morning vacancies! Form an orderly queue!…click here for details

SJH Mummy is going to be a bridesmaid when seven months pregnant. Any advice for smoothing her pregnant lumps and bumps? Don’t hide it FLAUNT it!…click here for details

“All About the Girl” are great friends of NappyValleyNet and they’re about to hit the road! For the days that it’s easier to be at home they have put together a selection of their most popular treatments to bring to you!…click here for details

2MM would love to know what you thought of the “Sexism in the City” piece in the FT Weekend Magazine?…click here for details

Seonaidmack would like to know if  you give pocket money and if so how much? I give Mr NVN pocket-money and he has to save up for expensive items. Oh, you meant CHILDREN! …click here for details

Giovanna is terrified of Bacterial Meningitis and wants to give her daughter the Bexsero vaccine but it’s five hundred pounds! Any cheaper alternatives?…click here for details

BobbyK is debating whether to get a live in nanny, aupair or housekeeper and would appreciate any feedback on the pros and cons of each?…click here for details

DillyD is planning her son’s birthday party and doesn’t know where to start with entertainers! Don’t forget to send invoices if anyone does a “no show”…click here for details

Soriano is looking to hire a karaoke machine and she’s not sure where to go? I can’t help you with that, there aren’t any down MY WAY (geddit!)…click here for details

Sticking with rental needs, Joditt needs a popcorn machine for a school charity fundraiser. Any suggestions? I can’t think of a pun for this but I’ll POP right back when I do (I’m on fire today!)…click here for details

3TWO foodie posts, both from Seb! He loves Korean food and wonders if you can recommend anywhere locally? (click here) and he also asks for Ramen noodle suggestions? Can you help this peckish person?…click here for details

Mumhug lives in an upstairs maisonette and has just finished a loft conversion. Their downstairs neighbours have been brilliant and she’d love to give them a thank you present, any ideas? Buy them drum sticks and say they’re welcome to use your new purchase whenever they want! They’ll love you even more when they discover it’s a joke …click here for details

Looking for a new role? Check out these vacancies!

A part-time book keeper and administrator is needed for an expanding Balham based interior design company. Flexible working hours based at the Balham office and you must love taupe. Ok, I made that last bit up! (click here).  A local events business needs new business development support a few days a week from home. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like taupe (click here).  The Parent & Baby Coach are looking for a local web designer to make changes to an existing website AND potentially set up a second (click here).

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have TONS!

FMIL would like to know if any single mums would like to meet to share the joy, the pain and the challenges of being a separated/divorced/single mum? (click here).  Mimiarney is launching an NVN Working Mums’ Breakfast Club (click here).  ElizaD needs recommendations for a reasonable on-line media course (click here).  BFW asks if anyone knows of a local Netball team/training group for a 9 year old? (click here).   Fernando is needs a good violin teacher for a 10 year old girl? (click here).  BuzzLiteBeer is a French-speaking dad of a seven-month-old baby and would like to meet any other French-speaking dads for a pint/playdate (click here).  Louisaa78 is a Spanish graduate offering Spanish language tuition in exchange for English conversation tuition? (click here).  SkippyGirl is inspired by the American moms post and wondering if there are any Australian mums keen to meet up? …click here for detail

Millions of you are thinking about your next holiday!

Snow Angel is a ski instructor in Les Deux Alpes who also has nannies in the French Alps! There’s a discount for NVN’ers! (click here).  Mummypip’s in-Laws’ beautiful villa in the Algarve is available for holiday rentals. Discount available for NVNetters (click here).  Northcote dad is planning a family holiday for May half term with 3 young children and is looking at Mark Warner (possibly Lakitira). Anyone been? (click here). Supermummy is looking for recommendations for truly family friendly places to go for the end of May half term (click here).  Tots Too, the luxury family holiday specialists, are offering 40% off a stay at the new Ikos Olivia resort in Greece …click here for details

No running in the corridors it’s your education questions!

Putney127 has been offered a place at Sinclair but they’re a bit worried because there are no 11+ results yet. Should she be? (click here).  BumblingBee has recently moved from SW17 to SW11 and needs help with local primary schools (click here).  Darlingmummy would love advice: she is unsure whether to keep her daughter in an independent school or move to Beatrix Potter or Earlsfield primary? (click here).  LondonDwarf has heard that the Rutherford House Head is leaving. Is it true(click here).  Makichan asks if anyone recommend a nursery with a drop off time before 8am in the Balham/Clapham area? (click here).

Our house and garden section is busier than the Davos private jet terminal!

Shan72 are trying to find a sofa bed comfortable enough for 70-year-old grandparents to sleep on for 2 weeks (click here).  Fernando is looking for a tradesman to replace the bathroom sealant in a wet room (click here).  MrsF wants a good kitchen designer (click here).  Lorelaixx is looking for a recommendation for a pest removal service? (click here).  Luvnyrick needs a handyman that can put down paving stones (click here). Mummybear needs a window cleaner in Balham (click here).  Lulubear is looking for advice from anyone who has had their side return done? (click here).  Our great friends at Life After London need a conveyancer… click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Micro scooter for £25 (click here)  Stokke steps baby set cushioning greige, brand new in box and unused for £10 (click here)  Phil & Ted’s red portable ‘Me Too’ high chair for £20 … click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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