Stunning New Studio Collection Launches at Roundhouse

Last Updated on : 3rd August 2021

Roundhouse has introduced a brand-new collection of modular kitchen furniture; Studio, a beautifully designed capsule range that combines understated aesthetic with a modular design approach.

Created with care and attention to detail, the Studio collection is built to last and features essential modular cabinets with fixed sizes and designs. With a range of finishes, textures and colours, you can create beautiful kitchens for living.

Designed with less flexibility than the existing Roundhouse bespoke collection and built using more economic materials and processes, Studio offers the same attention to detail and aesthetic considerations.

At a more accessible price point than the bespoke collection, Studio starts at £30,000 and is built at the Roundhouse factory in Malvern. Discover the modular simplicity of Studio Roundhouse.

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