Thai Tho

Last Updated on : 25th January 2023

Thai Tho can be found in the rarefied surroundings of Wimbledon village’s rather attractive high street. This is a restaurant that definitely plays on its tennis connections, with pictures of various Williams’ sisters and Murray’s and other tennis greats acting as back up wallpaper.

On a cold winter’s night the interior was warm, welcoming and well populated, but perhaps a little 80s looking even if well maintained. The menu was well constructed with a nice mixture of familiar and slightly less so for the more adventurous. Prices are also rather Goldilocks not too high or suspiciously low.

Having sufficiently defrosted, we turned our eyes to the wine list that continued in the spirit of moderation and ordered a pinot grigio in the upper mid 20s pricewise. This arrived about the same time as our mixed advertiser platter, and appeared to be a Sino-Thai amalgamation, including spring rolls, prawn toast as well as chicken satay.

That being said it was tasty, fresh and appeared not to be the fruits of a buying spree at the Asian supermarket and I enjoyed it a lot. Both myself and my companion must have been hungry as it disappeared in less time than it would take for you to say set point and our contemplation returned to the wine.

For the main course my companion had ordered a red curry with beef, whilst my choice was again a suspiciously Chinese sounding ho-fun noddle dish with chicken. The red curry was very good, with a well defined flavour, with my friend declaring it was one of the best he’d had outside of Thailand. As I have no idea how many red curries he’s had whilst not on holiday, this might not be the compliment I thought, but I’ve decided to take it at face value.

My noodles were very good, nicely seasoned with enough MSG to add to the flavour without giving you hallucinations. Both dishes also made as rapid an exit as a 1980s British No 1 at a grand slam, leaving us full and ready to contemplate the bill.

So two courses each, with wine came to about £85 excluding service, which is probably good value for the area. It was a nice place to visit with good service, but perhaps with one foot a bit too far back in the past. If however you’re looking for a pleasant night out at reasonable prices with what is in effect Asian comfort food, then this could be a love match for you.

Thai Tho

20a High Street, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5DX

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