The Great London Escape – Ever Considered Boarding in Bath?

Last Updated on : 13th September 2021

The attractions of moving out of the metropolis to find space, countryside and a gentler pace of life are well documented. So too are the number of families moving to Bath to get the best of both: the culture of a world heritage city nestling on the borders of the Cotswolds. But have you ever considered the additional benefits your child could gain by going to a boarding school?

Whilst some of them, including ours, might look like Hogwarts, the experience inside is anything but. Sharing dorms and study bedrooms (all recently beautifully refurbished by the GDST) with girls from 17 different countries including the UK embeds in our borders all the lessons we have learnt about inclusion and diversity.

Freeing up time that is otherwise given to travelling, our boarders in Bath can, after lessons follow their passions: music, art, sport, a huge range of co-curricular activities before evenings together where they hone such key 21st-century skills as collaboration, independence, and empathy.

Tatiana, a 2021 leaver who boarded with Royal High School Bath since Year 7 said: “Boarding is a great place to be. It makes you such a well-rounded person and you become so independent. A really important skill I’ve learnt is time management and boarding really helped me structure my day so I could enjoy sports after school and keep up with my studies”.

Gone are the days of bidding farewell to a tearful 11-year-old and picking her up from the school gates seven years later ready for university. Modern boarding encourages flexibility – from full boarders keen to immerse themselves completely in their studies and school life to the occasional boarder staying at school for an event. Increasingly popular is weekly boarding that allows busy parents to focus on their work during the week, reassured that their child is fully looked after and engaged in their own busy life at school before everyone comes together to relax and enjoy each other’s company over the weekend. At just over an hour from London, Bath offers this perfect school/home balance.

Find out more about boarding at the Royal High School Bath or visit one of their upcoming Open Events at

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