The low-down on loft conversions in London

Last Updated on : 1st July 2013

For growing families, deciding whether to renovate your existing home or move into a house that better meets your needs can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever The low-down on loft conversions in London - NappyvalleyNEThave to make. It usually comes down to a range of competing emotional and financial factors such as how much you like your current area, whether your existing blueprint allows for much movement and the cost of moving (which, let’s face it, is a pure expense) vs. the cost of renovating (which is actually an investment in the long-term).

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have pleasurable renovation experiences. However, remodelling doesn’t have to be a headache! If you choose a reputable building company, project managers will be on hand to make the renovation process as seamless and as non-invasive as possible. First, a surveyor will visit your home to draw up detailed floor plans and elevations. Next, an architect will meet with you to discuss your needs and make some initial design suggestions before preparing drawings for your loft conversion and submitting them to your local authority for planning permission. So you can get a feel for the achievable space before the builders get to work, architects may also prepare some 3D models for you. After you’ve agreed to go ahead with the work, a construction team will be assigned to your property and work will commence. A loft conversion generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete, and workers ensure that the least amount of disruption is made so that homeowners can stay put.

The cost of a loft conversion cost varies, but it is usually around the £35,000 mark. A general rule of thumb is that you can add double the amount you spend on a loft conversion on to the value of your home. So, if you spend £35,000, the value of your home could increase by £70,000. A source from Nationwide says that simply by The low-down on loft conversions in London - NappyvalleyNETconverting the unused attic space in your home into a double bedroom with an en suite, you can increase your home’s value by about 23%. Figures from the Land Registry’s House Price Index report 2012 confirm these considerable increases in value. This report puts the average house price in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham at £575,165, and indicates that the same property with a loft that’s been converted into a master bedroom with an en suite could be valued at £707,453.

Lucy from Twickenham decided to undertake home improvements when the imminent arrival of baby number 2 made additional room a necessity. After deciding that Landmark Lofts was the “most suitable and trustworthy of the 3” she had researched, she took the plunge.

“Overall, the whole process was surprisingly bearable. The workmen clean up after themselves every day and hoovered the stairs every Friday which was a nice little touch.” Lucy explains.

Being able to meet referral couples who were more than willing to show off their new loft conversions and talk about the loft conversion process really put Lucy’s mind at ease and is why her stunning loft, along with dozens of other happy Landmark Lofts customers, are now available to be viewed by homeowners who are trying to narrow down a reputable building company.

Landmark Lofts is the leading loft conversion company in London and the surrounding areas. We are now the only RICS-regulated loft conversion company in London and have the full backing of theLandmark Group. If you would like to set up an appointment to view Lucy’s loft or a loft conversion that’s been completed in your area, or if you would like more information about getting one done, visitLandmark Lofts’ website.

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