The results are in – the EmSella Chair for continence and pelvic health

Last Updated on : 6th October 2023

I have just had my 3 month review and final session on the EmSella Chair at Melissa Coupe’s Luxury Wellbeing Clinic on Bellevue Road.  I am really impressed with the results. 

My core and pelvic floor have definitely benefitted hugely from the EmSella sessions.  They have given my pelvic floor an incredible workout.  Tens of thousands of kegele exercises have been completed.   My pelvic floor is more responsive and feels stronger.  Sorry if this is TMI but … my urine flow is stronger and if I do a sudden mid-stream stop it’s much more responsive and effective.  It all feels tighter.   Although I don’t have a leaky bladder day to day with cough, cold and flu season incoming it’s always a bit of a concern.  Not anymore.  Oh, and one way or another I’ve done a lot dancing, jumping around and running over the Summer and all leak free.  In fact, I didn’t even think about it.  The EmSella sessions have boosted my confidence as well as strengthening my core.    It is expensive but has made a real difference and quickly.  The other really important plus is that the chair is an embarrassment free zone – you sit on it fully clothed, nothing is inserted inside you or stuck on your skin, no undressing, no discomfort, no pain.  You just sit on the chair and the chair does the work – I scrolled my phone and read a magazine.  Done and dusted in a 30-minute session twice a week for 3 weeks.

Most women have pelvic floor issues at some stage in their lives particularly if they have had children – I’ve had 3 and there have been times when my bladder was very leaky.  Pilates has made a real difference (thank you @janewake).  Hormone changes at peri and menopause can really affect the pelvic floor too.  There are things that can be done so don’t suffer in silence, go see your GP and a pelvic floor physio.  Also consider an EmSella Chair course of treatments.  I’ve found it to be really useful and effective and I am definitely booking in a maintenance session for 3 months’ time.

If you are interested in more details of my 1st session and update see the two links below as they also explore in more detail what the EmSella Chair is and how the cutting-edge tech works.

First Session:

Progress Report:

AND if you are interested in trying the EmSella Chair then Melissa currently has a 20% promotion to mark Menopause Awareness Month.  AND Melissa has very kindly given NappyValleyNet an exclusive additional 5% discount making it an incredible 25% discount – Just mention NappyValleyNet

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