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Last Updated on : 15th April 2024

Hi there – I’m Holly Mason, founder of The Skin Investment Clinic. I struggled with acne from a teenager and throughout my 20s. I tried every product, visited countless experts, spent a fortune on treatments and faddy remedies to try and find a long-term solution but failed to make a breakthrough in my acne. This greatly impacted my mental health, self-esteem and confidence and despite having a successful career in Finance and seemingly an outwardly confident person, I felt very low and judged.

So I took my skin into my own hands. After a huge amount of research, within a year, I managed to get my acne under control and enjoyed clear, healthy skin for the first time in years. Knowing the toll acne had on my wellbeing, finances and physical health, I wanted to help others struggling with their acne. So I gave up my job in finance, retrained, wrote a book: The Proven Secrets of Acne and set up The Skin Investment Clinic in Surrey in 2019. Since then there are now 4 clinics in the South East with the most recent one opening in Harley Street, London. We work with reputable dermatologists and doctors to ensure the skin care and treatments we provide are of the highest quality.

Healthy skin is The Skin Investment Clinic’s purpose. We want people to feel happier and more confident in their skin. We specialise in acne and acne scarring but help with all skin concerns and skin rejuvenation. Our London clinic is run by highly experienced dermatologists to ensure treatment is tailored to the individual.

In terms of treating acne, our signature “Acne Bootcamp” is a 12-week programme to get active acne under control and has an impressive 99% success rate. This programme involves in-clinic treatments, lifestyle changes where applicable and at-home skin care regimes. We see our clients regularly throughout the 12 week programme to ensure the acne is responding to treatment and if required we tweak the plan. We also have treatments to help improve acne marks and scarring which can remain once the acne has been resolved.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can book a FREE virtual skin consultation with me to discuss your skin concerns and I can talk through our treatment and product recommendations. Our London clinic is located at 10 Harley Street, London and you can book a FREE virtual consultation online here or visit our website for more information:


“I had fantastic results at the Skin Investment Clinic. The entire staff consists of genuine professionals who prioritise both skin health and the well being of their clients. Holly’s profound passion for acne and skincare makes her a true oracle of knowledge. Without a doubt, I’ll be returning as a loyal customer.”
Georgia (Google Review)


As a Nappy Valley Net subscriber, we are offering 20% off your first dermatology consultation with the reference NVN20



The Skin Investment Clinic
10 Harley Street
London  W1G 9PR

Tel:  0207 456 4976

To book your free virtual consultation:

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