The White House Prep encourages enterprising pupils

Last Updated on : 21st March 2019

Hot on the heels of the White House Prep’s Plastic initiative (a drive led by children to reduce plastic waste) “Enterprise” lessons have now launched at the school, a weekly lesson designed for children to think outside of the box using all the skills they learn in their day-to-day subjects.

Whether that be planning and budgeting for a class trip, making their own board games for their peers to play or designing their own theme parks. Getting to grips with budgeting, marketing, pitching and working together, amongst a host of other skills, whilst having a lot of fun has proved very successful and is now a firm (and popular) part of the curriculum.As Headmaster Tony Lewis says, “responsibility is the ability to respond appropriately and something we want for all our children.

It demands perception and critical thinking, also independence of mind with informed decision making.” Understanding that this is not something that can be taught but it can be learnt. It needs to happen in a context rather be viewed as an academic or intellectual exercise. These various enterprises (which differ from class to class) all came together on Enterprise Day, a pupil led fun fair with a host of activities in which the children took a leading role both in the planning and the delivery to raise money for the school charity, Medical Detection Dogs.


The White House
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Clapham Park
London SW12 0LF

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