Thrown out of restaurant because of baby. Lost six pounds in two weeks with a diet to my door? Nappy Valley house prices up or down?

Last Updated on : 17th November 2012

Dear South West London Mum,

Thrown out of restaurant because of baby

Ed”s Diner opened this week at Southside

My mother is visiting at the moment.

We”ve been taking advantage of the “free babysitting” and going out more often than usual.

She”s a big fan of “Outnumbered” so on Saturday evening, before we popped out for dinner, I asked Mr NappyValleyNet to queue up a few episodes on Sky Plus.

Half way through our meal I mentioned how excited my mother had been as she adores the brilliant young actress who plays the daughter.

Mr NVN went white as a sheet.

“Errrr…what did you want me to set-up for her?” he asked.

“Outnumbered” I replied.

“Oh god” he mumbled “I thought you said Inbetweeners“.

We returned home to find my mum watching a bunch of sweary teenagers being disgusting.

To her credit she just looked disappointed “I used to love this” she said “but since the children grew up it”s got so rude”

This is what you”ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

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Would you support “Active Wandsworth”? It means closing the streets on a Sunday so the children can play in the road. “But how will I get to Waitrose?” I hear you ask…click here for details

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Debenhams are coming to Southside! There is an “Eds Diner” opening next week as well, we”re getting spoiled!…click here for details

Looking for a local novelty cake maker? There are a LOT of them about!…click here for details

Amumtoo would like to meet in Clapham for Friday play-dates…click here for details For her little one, obviously! In the same vein NYE is looking for play-dates in the Tonsleys…click here for details

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Our House and Garden section is busier than a Newsnight lawyer…

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Supermummy needs a local picture framer. Who should she have in the frame?…click here for details

Gayville would like an underfloor heating engineer. Can you help her get toasty toes?!…click here for details

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In a similar vein, where should Tiny-T go for wow gold deutscher anbieter aluminum bi-fold doors?…click here for details

Lalectice would like to know through a wall but the coving would need to be continued, who might be able to do this?…click here for details

Allsmiles is looking for loft conversion recommendations…click here for details

Lastly, Madellm is looking for a window cleaner (click here) and JoJo is looking for a chimney sweep…click here for details

Listen up at the back it”s the school questions and there are TONS of them!

Wandsworth Prep are opening up year groups higher up the school (click hereFircroft gets a great write-up (click here) Contractor mum is thinking of Bertrum House, good idea? (click here), interviews at Thomas” are raised again (click here)

A changing table full of nursery posts

The Park nursery in SW2, is it worth a look? (click here) Pixi is hunting for a nursery around Broomwood Road? (click here), KidsUnlimited want your opinions on local nursery facilities and you could win a £100 Merino Kids voucher if you fill in their survey! (click here) Grove Hall, should anoymum send her little one there?…click here for details

Postal diets, such as Jane Plan, are you a fan?…click here for details

Marsh and Parsons have posted details of their local property report. Where are house prices going? Up, down or sideways?…click here for details

Gambado have outlined details of their winter term activities. Lots of brand new activities: an “Imagination Station”, story-telling, crafts, pottery and more!…click here for details

The new John Lewis Christmas advert has been released. Not as sad as last years, according to “TooPoshToPush” but it does act as a reminder that Christmas is almost here!…click here for details

Tired of toys that are unused, unloved – or broken? Have a look at “Daughters of History” voted best doll in 2011 AND 2012…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling website. For sale this week:- gorgeous boots from Trotters (click here), Baby Dan bed guard (click here) and a little ones wetsuit AND ski gear (click here).


That”s it, have a great week.



Lots of love



Annabel and the NappyValleyNet team!



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