Top 10 Bathroom tips

Last Updated on : 27th September 2018

1. Maximise your small space by commissioning bespoke storage, customising storage to your needs will have such a positive impact

2. Storage, storage and more storage to keep the space clean and tidy

3. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and colours, how about painting the ceiling a different shade? White is not always the best choice

4. Ensure you have the best lighting possible, running on multiple circuits

5. Create niches by the bath and/or shower to store and display your everyday products

6. Have a separate shower head and hand held attachment and choose a big enough shower head. Ensure water pressure is powerful enough

7. Invest in high quality towel rail and underfloor heating, if you can

8. Have wall mounted lavatories to give the impression of space

9. If you have a bath/shower combination, get a fold-away glass screen for easy access and a cleaner look

10. Make sure your skirting boards are tiled and not wood to keep the room waterproof



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