Travelling Families – 10 ways to reduce the chances of parental or child meltdown pre, during & post holiday.

Last Updated on : 19th November 2013
10 ways to reduce the chances of parental or child meltdown


  1. Involve your children in the packing process and ask them to choose three toys or books they would love to bring. Remember children (2+) have the same hand luggage allowance as adults, and love the responsibility of having their own small bag or suitcase – Trunki’s seem to be the favourite!
  2. Pack treats and snacks in your hand luggage otherwise they will be eaten before you leave the drive or forgotten about until you get to the hotel. Do remember all liquids need to be consumed before security; small fruit shoots always go down well…and can be finished in a hurry!
  3. Arrive at the airport nice and early to avoid unnecessary stress and an embarrassing family argument. If feasible, booking a taxi means you are forced to leave the house on time and removes the worry of parking the car.
  4. Airport lounges are also a big stress reliever, providing you and the family with a base from which to explore the airport, or somewhere to relax together pre flight. Daddy can read the paper (for free) the kids can play in the games room or raid the buffet (all inclusive), and mummy (most importantly) can kick back and enjoy a glass of wine, or sneak off to duty free.
  5. Airport ‘pocket money’ keeps kids entertained for at least an hour, hunting down the best magazine, sweet and book combination, all to fit within the pre set budget. Great practice for later on in life too!
  6. Always pre book your seats. Although it can seem tempting to travel separately from your children on a long haul flight, it’s not a generally the best idea…Book with a good tour operator and they should take you through the seat configuration of the plane and help you choose the perfect spot.
  7. Online entertainment systems and games on airlines are hugely better than they used to be…100’s of movies to choose from should keep boredom at bay, but do make sure to keep comforters, practical games and snacks at the top of your bag to keep your brood quiet, and of course to avoid murderous looks from the surrounding passengers.
  8. Although plane food has vastly improved…it isn’t always kid friendly. We always encourage parents to choose when they book their flights, whether they want us to order child meals or ‘plain’ meals (less salt). The food is usually made to order for children, so often unlikely there will be spares on the plane if you decide to change your mind last minute….and remember it is not the stewardess’s fault!
  9. If on an overnight flight, try and cater for the usual bedtime ritual. Pack pyjamas, tooth brush and socks, so when the lights go off after your evening meal, fingers crossed you can all have a few hours shut eye before arriving at your destination.
  10. Private transfers are a must. However well the flight has gone, you are all very likely to be tired when you arrive at your destination. Our final top tip would be to avoid all buses and group transfers, and book with a tour operator who will arrange your private pick up. The driver will be there to carry bags from weary arms and will also be a fountain of knowledge to answer excited questions and point out interesting land marks en route to your hotel.


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