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Last Updated on : 8th December 2012

I felt fabulous.  spa

I had spent the last hour being preened, pampered and perfected and given cups of herbal tea at a wonderfully indulgent spa. My manicure looked beautiful, every part of my body felt de-stressed and my chakras were feeling nicely aligned. In a blissful state of relaxation, I closed my eyes – and then there was this noise.  A happy giggling noise. I lay there for a bit, wondering what it might be. And then I remembered, of course! The baby!

Independent Mind Body Soul, the brilliant Aveda “mother and baby spa” on Ritherdon Road in Tooting Bec offers Nappy Valley mums bucket-loads of blissful pampering, plus space for your baby or toddler meaning there”s no childcare woes.   So, while you have the massage, facial, manicure or beauty treatment you deserve, your little pumpkin can play in the toy-packed ball pit, bounce in a chair, snooze in a cot and generally chillax.

I”d opted for the Gel Luxury Manicure and the results were ama – wait for it – zing.

Not only did the colour last three whole weeks of washing-up, nappy changing, and general abuse, but the polish dried instantly so I could grab my little un” when she did a Houdini-type escape from the ball pit.  In fact, they”ve done a neat job of designing everything to be mum and baby friendly there”s travel cots in the treatment rooms, “express” 30 minute treatments so you needn”t worry if your baby wakes up or needs feeding, a well-stocked changing area and truly lovely staff to help out if need be.


Need any more convincing to treat yourself to a pampering visit? Find a pre-baby picture of yourself in a bikini. That kid owes it to you.

Independent Mind Body Soul mummy and baby spa, 0200 8772 0208,

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