Valuing the ‘Connections’ within ourselves and with others

Last Updated on : 23rd May 2022

Dulwich College has marked Mental Health Awareness Week by focusing on the theme ‘Connections’. Pupils have been connecting through a variety of ways: through benches dotted around the campus, where they can take a moment from the busy day to sit, reflect or catch up with friends for a social connection. The ‘Table Teasers’ placed on dining tables have been a great way to start conversation and have fun whilst answering a quiz – though not much encouragement is needed to be chatty! The libraries and Music Department have also created space for connecting, with suggested reading lists, a pop-up library and a bespoke playlist; Connections through colouring… The Wodehouse Library hosted a mindfulness colouring station in the periodicals room for some calming, inspiring colouring.

Clubs and societies invited other societies to a meeting, as a way to foster connections between pupils and societies. Pupils and members of staff have used the Wellbeing LandEscape map to locate areas around the campus marked for readaxation, physical wellbeing and to connect with nature. Members of staff have been able to connect with the local area with an organized visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery and there have been other activities which have helped promote connections.

There’s also been lots of connecting with animals – taking a moment to celebrate our pets who are a great way to help us de-stress. We’ve been sharing lots of photos of pupils and staff dog walking, cuddling guinea pigs and stroking cats.

Pupils and members of staff have used the week and beyond, to grow and value these connections within ourselves and our relationships with others.

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