Violent daylight mugging “BTC”. Buggy and baby blown onto Northern line. Ratty pudding pig wanted! Part of Tooting Common to be sold?

Last Updated on : 18th August 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

MR NVN hates shopping.

Whichever part of your DNA creates a love of retail is missing from his genome.

Which normally isn’t a problem.

However last week I really needed some help sofa shopping, so it was rather surly “kidult” that I dragged off to a well known Lots Road furniture shop.

After ten minutes, though, his attitude appeared to change and he started running around grabbing samples left and right and centre, holding his favourites up to the light for comparison and colour checking.

“OK,” I said once I’d measured up what felt like every sofa in the shop, “I’ve got everything I need, which are are your favourites?”

“Huh?” he said, looking up surprised.

Then I realised he had a stapler in his hand and had been clicking away like a toddler with a Pez dispenser for the last quarter of an hour.

“Sofa,” I repeated, “your favourite?”

“Dunno,” he replied, then with a flourish revealed his concoction of swatches and staples, “look, I made us a free iPhone case!”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Violent daylight muggingFirst some bad news, on Friday there was a violent mugging “between the commons”. A lone female was choked until she passed out, please read and be careful…click here for details

Still on a less than pleasant theme, although this did have a safe ending, footage has emerged of a pushchair with a baby being “blown” on to the tracks of the Northern line. Again please take care…click here for details

Do Foxton’s train their “Mini drivers” to race as though they’re in the ‘The Italian Job? JTC thinks so!…click here for details

Poppy7 has quite a complicated third pregnancy and is keen to see a private obstetrician for appointments but deliver at St Thomas’s through the NHS. Possible?…click here for details

MatSnow tells us that Wandsworth Council is attempting to lease a giant chunk of the Tooting Common Triangle to a private developer. Will this change access to land which has been “Common” for centuries?…click here for details

Now this is REALLY annoying! A firm based near SophieB are fly-tipping on local land and she wonders how she can get them to clean up their mess? It’s over a month since they dumped it and its attracting vermin…click here for more details

CitySlicker needs an employment lawyer… any recommendations? Especially if close to the City?…click here for details

Daisydaisy needs a present for a 3 year old boy? Budget is £20-£30. Take him to that Sofa shop and make him a free iPhone case!…click here for details

Who is Nappy Valley’s David Blaine? SW17mamma needs a children’s magician for her son’s birthday experience of standing in a box on Wandsworth Common for a week not essential!…click here for details

Balhamite is moving overseas and has accumulated a large bag of coins. Is there a local charity she can donate them to? I don’t think I classify as a charity but I could make them disappear! Oh, this isn’t the magician post, is it!…click here for details

GgMum thinking of registering her son with Clapham Village nursery, good idea?…click here for details

Staying with the theme, Impy_2014 needs your thoughts on Wimbledon House Nursery on Dorset Road, Wimbledon Day Nursery on Montague road and Playdays on Wimbledon Hill…click here for details

Jg75 needs recommendations for a reliable garage that can service Ford cars?…click here for details

Sw11ite loves cooking and wants to get a decent food processor. Any suggestions for beating blades of (culinary) glory?…click here for more details 

Kmg wonders if anyone had a jellycat ‘pudding pig’ which looks like a rat? Euurgggh, sounds horrible! We’re meant to eat it???…click here for more details

Louisaahstewart is off to the Dolomites next week and hoping to do some walking! Does anyone have a backpack carrier suitable for a 5 to 9 month old, ideally with a shade? I’m not sure they’re allowed to carry a pack that young. OH! It’s to carry them! Duh!…click here for more details

Rain rain go away and if you can’t let’s play!

MartaAleksandra asks if there are any Polish speaking mums/play groups in the area(click here). Mungomuffit just want to share this idea for the school holidays, sushi making classes taught by a Japanese sushi expert, her kids loved it! (click here), BKD London runs creative kids baking classes. Make everything from 3D dinosaur  biscuits to rainbow and unicorn cupcakes. Pudding rats? If they don’t have pudding rats I’m not interested! They’re my new favourite!…click here for more details

For more things to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week check out our “What’s On” calendar. Like New York it never sleeps!…click here for more details

Looking for a new role?

Sandpit is looking for Childminders Assistants (click here). “Stan the tileman” (guess what he does, go on guess!) requires an experienced kitchen designer. Any previous Alno experience desirable although not essential…click here for more details

Our schools section is busier than the UCAS clearing system!

BigCat79 asks if can anyone can advise on the official drop off and pick up times for Honeywell infant school? (click here). Sticking with Honeywell, Foreveramber would like to know whether Honeywell issue regulation school book bags or whether the children can take their own? (click here)Osinirvas lives in SW and have two boys, they are currently faced with a very difficult question regarding 7+ and 8+ Any advice on preparation? They are constantly being told that they have to tutor?! (click here)Mumtoafew needs a Parkgate House School boy’s uniform for a 5 year old (click here). and gail0810 needs good condition second hand girl’s school uniform for the Roche School … click here for more details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our new property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you (click here)

Can you help answer these travel queries?:

BettyBoo is thinking of a January holiday in Mauritius with a with 3yr and 1yr old, and would welcome recommendations. Take me, that’s a recommendation! (click here) Juliantenniscoach has a couple of places left for his Valencia Tennis & Tournament Weekend. Care to join? I hear they’re fabulous!…click here for details

Our house and garden is busier than a Scottish “Yes” vote canvasser!

Mum2babyboy needs packing boxes (click here). NM is looking for a wetroom installation company (click here). Sophieps wants a builder/roofer/plumber for minor repair works on their flat (click here). HoneyB is about to start a loft conversion and needs to line up someone to install a new heating system (click here). Impy_2014 is looking for a joiner to fix a window sill (click here) and Brad has had an offer accepted on a house. Yay! Can anyone recommend a building surveyor?…click here for more details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: A nearly new double bed for £75 (click here)a Baby Bjorn travel cot light – hardly used – bargain for £90 (click here) and a Vtech first steps baby walker for £12 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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