Wandsworth Common’s new “Masterchef” restaurant! Northcote Road “gap” sells for £250k. Wheelchair “hit and run”.

Last Updated on : 3rd November 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

As I mentioned last week the NVN family car is seriously old.

And that means any trip to the garage feels like the opposite of playing the lottery: the sums of money involved seem randomly generated and potentially life changing.

To combat this Mr NVN watches the bill like a hawk and has even turned it into a game with my youngest, asking her to be on the look out for any unrequested additions when they go to pick up the car.

He claims it’s a life lesson, I think it makes her scarily cynical.

Last week they were in a chain of car workshops, famous for their “fast attaching” workforce, when the mechanic started explaining the bill.

“We should probably change the exhaust next time you’re in…”, he started only to be interrupted by a shouty little girl.



Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Wheresmyschool? loves the Clapham Picture House but worries, according to various news reports this week, that they’re not paying their staff properly...click here for details

Action is being taken against a local doctors’ surgery after it was found to have breached regulations relating to out-of-date medicines, a dirty consultation room and inadequate supplies…click here for details

I’ve posted a link to a story about a father was knocked unconscious after being attacked by a middle-aged man in a motorised wheelchair. Police are appealing for witnesses after he was spotted in the Wandsworth Southside Centre…click here for details

Going, going, gone! A “gap” between two shops on Northcote Road has been sold for a quarter of a million pounds!…click here for details

SW18FTM is a first time parent and has a question regarding best practices for calculating her new nanny’s holiday allowance?..click here for details

NorthcoteLuvvie posted a link to an article ‘What do Au Pair’s think of their host families?’ It’s a typical “Daily Hate” article but it’s actually quite funny! Not sure I’d dare ask!…click here for details

Pod is going insane! Sleep deprivation is torture at the best of times but when it’s due to a wet leaking nappy it’s ridiculous! Help please?…click here for details

Vendredimanche wants to tell us all about a lovely independent coffee shop on Clapham Park road; it’s just 2 minutes walk from Clapham Common tube and called ‘Coffee Wake Up’ Always happy to help promote a local business!…click here for details

“First Aid for Life” is through to the final of the Wandsworth Business Awards! Well done! To celebrate they’re offering a 20% discount on their Paediatric First Aid course TODAY and 20% off their 3 hour course on Wednesday 5th November…click here for details

Wizzkid needs recommendations for someone who could shorten a dress for her? In the past she has used ‘The Alteration Station’, they’re good but pricey…click here for details

Sticking with this theme, Coffeemum has inherited a beautiful but very old and large mink jacket that she would like to have made into a gilet. Does anyone have any recommendations for a tailor that can deal with fur?…click here for details

Fionak28 is always on the search for great and upcoming photographers in London who are looking to promote their work on a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Know any super snappers?…click here for details

Partytreatz13  needs recommendations for a fun children’s entertainer for Saturday the 8th for a three year old’s birthday party…click here for details

Young at heart is hoping fellow Border Terrier owners can recommend somewhere for hand stripping? I had to Google this and after a few dodgy websites I now know what it means!…click here for details

Local-counsellor’s elderly cat died in July and they are now ready for another youngster to complete their “family”…click here for details

Pico is wanting to swap second hand toddler toys?…click here for details

Vendredimanche is looking for a charity that provides boxes of goodies to children in need in the UK or abroad but is not linked to a particular faith?…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Check out these vacancies!

Pooch & Mutt is an ethical dog food, treat and health supplement company based in Clapham Old Town. LOVE THE NAME! They are looking for someone to join their team to help with production management, stock management and sales administration. No dogs allowed! Ok, I made that last bit up! (click here). Emanuela is a local photographer who specialises in maternity and newborn pictures. She is looking for a make up artist and would love to find someone to collaborate with (click here). Elina is looking for a babysitter who could speak Catalan to their kids. They found the best babysitter in the world last year by posting on NVN and are hoping for a repeat success…click here for details If you’re planning your own fireworks celebration check out our “fireworks first aid” article from First Aid for Life (click here).
Half-term left you with energy to spare? Check out these activities!

Cleod wondering if anyone knows of any Arabic speaking play groups? Ahlan! (click here). On the evenings of 13th & 14th November 2014 Skylark on Wandsworth Common will transform from a cafe to restaurant! They are hosting two nights with chef Tom Whitaker, a Masterchef finalist in 2011(click here).  Everyone Bikes are looking to team up with local schools to support them with Kids’ Cycling Safety, Kids’ Maintenance/Bike Ability Classes and potential fund-raising (click here). One of Moomie’s maternity leave projects is to get some singing lessons. She’d welcome any local recommendations for teachers or classes…click here for details
We’ve got more travel topics than Santa has elves (probably!)

Millymoo asks which would be better for my two girls ages 2.5 and 4.5: a visit to Santa (Lapland) or Disneyland Paris? (click here) and  Saab is looking to go away August/September next year and is trying to find a place which isn’t a hotel but has a shared pool…click here for details

Half-term is over and the school questions keep coming!!!

Mats03 are looking at Hill House or Thomas’s Clapham and would very much appreciate some feedback (click here). Battersea Mummy asks “Why does John Burns school seem a bit ‘unfashionable”? (click here).  AlastairDelafield Ivy Education is running an 11+ workshop this Christmas in SW6 (click here).

Don’t forget the Independent Schools Show 2014 is THIS WEEKEND! It’s a really brilliant way of meeting tons and tons of schools!…click here for details

For a comprehensive list of school and nursery open days follow this link!…click here for details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our property pages where we’ve mapped it all out for you……click here for details

Our house and garden section just keeps growing!

Ganglyjim is looking for someone to fit ethernet jacks/sockets/routers into a home (click here). Mitchem is searching for a brick layer/handyman who can fix back steps leading into a garden (click here). KJBF needs recommendations for well priced painter to paint a new front door. They also need door furniture fitted! (click here). Cambell2 is getting a new kitchen and not sure which to choose. They like Ikea’s design however they are not very sure about the quality? (click here). Newintooting are installing a new kitchen and wonder if anyone has used Simply Kitchens on Trinity Road?  (click here). Mats03 has a leaking tap and needs a plumber for short job (click here). and Ghs would love recommendations for a plumber for a bathroom refit?…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: A Kiddy Energypro Group 1 (9-18kg) car seat, £65 (click here), New Prada SPR 54G Sunglasses, open to reasonable offers (click here) and six oak ladder back chairs – excellent condition, £150 (click here)



That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team



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