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Wandsworth Park attack

Last Updated on : 13th July 2020
Wandsworth Park

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

My single friend was over for a lockdown-overdue gossip and glass of wine.

“It’s SO nice to have some adult company,” she said, “it’s pretty much been just me and the kids for the last few months.”

For a moment I had no idea who she was referring to but the penny dropped when Mr NVN waddled into the kitchen sporting a very sullen expression.

“Can you have a word with our son?” he said (and I SWEAR this is true), “he won’t give me back my Xbox controller and I’m due online in a few moments.”

“Well,” said my friend once I’d sorted out who should have which toy, “I think, on reflection, we’ve both coped bl**dy well!”


Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet:

Police are appealing for witnesses and information after a girl was attacked in Wandsworth Park (read more). Please do help if you can.

M. needs a counsellor for her 15 year old who is struggling with friendships and exams (read more). Any recommendations gratefully received at this super difficult time for everyone but especially for teenagers.

Balham residents are being asked for their thoughts on names for a new electoral ward in South Balham. Will it be South Balham, Heaver, Bedford Hill or South South Chelsea? (read more)

More helpful advice has come in for W. whose daughter is struggling at her private school and will not be heading to the same schools as many of her peers after the 11+ (read more).

L. needs some advice on a cohabitation agreement. I was tempted to make a joke about this but it’s actually pretty serious so let’s we’ll all be like Legally Blond and shout SIDEBAR and OVERRULED until you are contractually watertight (read more).

A. recommends the fairy godmother to declutter your home and magic away unwanted items – what even from my teenager’s room? (read more)

And E. is stumped that she owns a share of the freehold, but her lease is less than 60 years. How does she extend it? (read more) As quickly as possible is my informal advice.

Some helpful responses coming through on starting a new business which might come in handy for anyone who has ventured out on their own during lockdown (read more).

J. has left a pair of Nerf Guns on Clapham Common Westside. Anyone seen them? (read more) Along with his Xbox I’ve never seen Mr NVN as excited as when he bought the biggest baddest (his words) Nerf Bazooka at Toys R Us.

A is trying to organise for grandma to come from Australia, but the Australian border is closed except for exceptional cases. Anyone know how to smuggle out an OAP? (read more)

M.’s brother-in-law has set up a mobile bike repair and can do bike services from £50 (read more). OK we may want to use him – seriously. If anyone has already do let us know how you got on!

S. is a nineteen year old football-pro offering coaching (read more). In football obvs.

Fancy freshly baked sourdough straight to your door? Good in Bread is offering a 20% discount on your first subscription order (read more). Gotta love a bit of LockDown Loaf!

U. has had the genius idea of an online platform for second-hand uniform sales for all schools (read more). Ooooh you have any of those little Eton top hats – ALWAYS wanted one!

Coco Clara is a bespoke jewellery company set up by a local mum making beautiful heirlooms to pass down the generations (read more). Gosh it’s like those Patek Philippe adverts where you don’t own the watch but pass it on to the next generation after they’ve nagged you incessantly for it.

Paul’s Cancer Support Centre is holding a Zoom Quiz on 23rd July 6-7pm to help raise funds for its support services which have been running virtually all through lockdown (read more).

This weekend Northcote Road became pedestrianised at weekends until further notice – with the empty road space made available for businesses to use so that their customers can maintain social distancing rules (read more).


We have more House & Garden questions than Trump has stroppy Tweets!

B. needs a recommendation for an estate agent (read more).

L. is looking for someone to paint their bathroom suite and tiles (read more).

C. moved his painting and decorating company to South West London and is looking for clients in this part of town (read more)

Anyone got recommendations for a handyman for L.? (read more) looking for a kitchen fitter (read more). R. needs help with soundproofing a wall (read more).

A. needs a landscaper/builder to repave a garden patio (read more). C. needs his decking replaced (read more).

T. needs an architect/builder to open up a double reception room (read more).

Finally, spruce up your garden with Clara Bee (read more).


We have more Schools questions than Elon Musk has batteries!

Belleville or Ecole de Wix? V. needs some help making the decision for her son starting reception in September (read more).

I. is looking for nursery recommendations in Clapham and Wandsworth (read more).

S. wants to know how long they need to be in a catchment area before they can apply for schools in Barnes/Richmond/Sheen (read more).

A. wants your views on Ecole des Petits in Fulham (read more).

D. can answer your questions on university applications and the UCAS process (read more).

Supporting the community has always been at the heart of Dulwich College and now its been shortlisted for a community outreach award (read more).

And the College’s Founder’s Day event took place virtually with a series of 12 charming films which can be viewed here (read more).

Exceptional Academics have spaces for their August 11+ online booster course for week commencing 24 August (read more).

C. is offering a £25 discount to NVNers for their online revision course aimed at Year 5 pupils sitting the Wandsworth Test and other entrance exams next term (read more).

If you are considering a career in early years, take a look at S.’s post (read more).



Camp Suisse is overflowing with possibilities from husky dog sledding on the glacier to banana boating on Lake Geneva, hiking, camping, archery and even a little language practice, now with accompanied travel from London Heathrow (read more).

Gites available in the South of France from 22 August (read more).

K. wants to know the wait time for a child’s passport renewal (read more)?

S. has a villa in Majorca available in August (read more).

Wow. That. Sounds. So. Good. Or how about luxury villas and kids club in the South of France? (read more) You. Had. Me. At. Luxury.


Situations Vacant

The Hampshire School Chelsea are looking for a marketing officer. Term time, flexible hours (read more).

Nanny / housekeeper needed three days a week (read more).


For Sale

Girl’s Eaton House the Manor school uniform (read more).

Finton House uniform (read more).

Finton House girl’s uniform ages 4-7 (read more).

Ridgeback bike 20” for 6-9 year old (read more).

Free maxi cosi car seat (read more).

Christiana Cargo bike (read more).

Phil & Teds V5 sport double pram (read more).

Mayfield gymnastics leotards (read more).



Wimbledon High School uniform for 12 year old (read more).

Roofrack for a BMW X5 (read more).



Annabel & the NappyValleyNet team 


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