Warning: potential danger with Trunki straps. Thomas’s school assessment insight? Child ill but I need to work, emergency childcare?

Last Updated on : 10th November 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Even though I run a website I am not at all tech-savvy.

Which is a bit of a running joke in the NappyValleyNet household and I especially struggle with my new phone.

On Saturday I was running late to pick up my son from his friend’s house and had to retrieve a number from a text and then call to get the address.

My daughter, who like all young children finds this sort of thing a breeze, picked up on my desperation and named the price for her assistance.

“It will cost you an ice cream,” she said.

“I’m in a rush, just do it.”, I replied.

Which was a mistake.

She countered with the cold hard logic of a seventies trade union official.

“Forget the ice cream. We have to stop for a Samba Swirl on the way back with as many sprinkles, Gummy Bears, Oreos, chocolate eggs, flakes and sauces as I like.”

In negotiating terms I blinked first. Which is why you may have seem me on Saturday afternoon, pacing up and down Northcote Road, impatiently waiting for a small child to eat her body weight in frozen yogurt.

potential danger with Trunki strapsHere is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Mungomuffit has posted a warning about the straps on Trunki cases. She found her children placing them around their necks which could have ended in an awful accident. Thanks for the warning MM!…click here for details

A section of the Clapham Common sports pavilion has been destroyed by a fire. Thankfully no-one was hurt but it is impacting on the evening tennis court bookings. I know Mr NVN is missing his weekly waddle around the tramlines!…click here for details

A patient tested negative for the ebola virus at St George’s Hospital…click here for details

 JBG is really keen to take her three children to the Tower of London. Can you suggest the best way to tackle the trip – timings and transport etc? We went last week and it was brilliant but very, very busy! Helicopter would be the perfect way to get there!..click here for details

Coldatchristmas finds the new John Lewis advert leaves her a bit, errr, cold. What do you think? Personally I think you can’t beat the first one! I still cry if I watch it!..click here for details

NBM was given a sixty five pound ticket at Tooting leisure centre. Does she have to pay it? Anyone tips or tactics for appealing?…click here for details

Sticking with road violations, Sadiq Khan has allegedly been spied using a mobile whilst driving. Perhaps him and NBM could get together and plan an appeal strategy!…click here for details


GES77 is visiting London in a few weekends time and they’re staying in an area which has a four hour parking restriction! Does anyone know the closest area to Wandsworth Common where they can leave a car without having to pay & display?…click here for details

Everyone Bikes on Northcote Road are having a massive Trek Women’s Road bike sale. I LOVE Everyone Bikes, my daughter attended their road safety course before half-term and it was brilliant!…click here for details

Catman is looking for a marriage counsellor who will counsel couples. Can you recommend anyone? I REALLY hope we can help with this query…click here for details

Emanu_ela is looking for a private ophthalmologist specialising in children. Her son seems to have difficulties when reading words and keeps touching his eyes.…click here for details

IndyB is looking for suggestions for emergency childcare? Their nanny was sick and it has highlighted their need for a back-up plan…click here for details

Roxieandmum needs your thoughts please! She lives in a one bed flat open plan flat and is thinking of childminding. Does she stop right now as her place is too small?…click here for details

Luckymummy is looking to have a joint 40th birthday party with her husband and 150 guests. She’d love a cool/interesting London venue. Make that 151 guests once I’ve been added! You can drop Mr NVN if numbers are tight!…click here for details

Mummymoo is looking for a piece of carpet to put down for a party. Colour and condition irrelevant as they can cut down a larger piece. ANOTHER party I’m not invited to!!!…click here for details

The Biscuiteers are delighted to announce the opening of their second Biscuit Boutique and Icing Café on Northcote Road. I wonder what they do? If the clue is in the name it might be something to do with ears!…click here for details

Couloir found a set of keys on Wandsworth Common about midday on Saturday 1st Nov. The keys included a VW car key, a Banham key and others. They took the keys to Lavender Hill police station who might now have a lovely new German car parked outside!…click here for details


Looking for a new challenge? Check out these vacancies!

Travel Designers is now recruiting. They are searching for a part time and a full time sales consultant (click here). Kapdaa is a family run business in Kingston looking for a part-time business development role person (click here). Mrsmac35 is looking for someone reliable and experienced with dogs to do some dog sitting (click here). and Bluebonny567 has a 7 month old little one andwould love some help at home for four hours on either a Tuesday or Wednesday…click here for details


Looking for some “Things-to-do” Inspiration? Check out these activities!

Wandsworthmummy12 is looking for a local evening Zumba class with a good vibe (click here). With Christmas on the way, Barney Jones photography will be running some more children and families studio based photography days on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th November (click here).  The ‘Build it Workshop’ is coming in the Spring term and they’ll be opening a new ‘Craft and Build’ workshop (click here). The Playhouse Playgroup Christmas Fair is on Friday 21st November (click here).  Alderbrook Primary school is holding a Christmas Market on Saturday November 29th.  They have just two stalls to fill and would love Jam/Chutney/similar and a hats/gloves/scarfs stalls (click here) The Beatrix Potter School Christmas Market is on Thursday November 27th at the school. Do come along and shop for Christmas gifts from books and toys to hampers and wine, jewelry to clothes, cushions to candles! Plus mince pies, bubbles mulled wine and more!…click here for details

We’ve got more travel topics than Rudolf has carrots (probably!)

Travel Designers have a deal with the Eagles Palace Hotel in Halkidiki – Greece (click here)  Bramble’s good friends have a lovely child friendly apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC. They are looking to do a house swap over Xmas! Me, me me! (click here). Caroline43 is looking to get away over Christmas for a few days, somewhere remote for four and a small dog. Suggestions? (click here). Amme_2005 is hunting for a five bed villa for a family holiday and really liked the look of Martinhal. Any other similar places? (click here). Kjam143 will be visiting Ireland in January. She needs to bring a car seat but isn’t sure about how to travel with it?…click here for details

Half-term is a memory but the school questions keep coming!!!

SW11_ asks if anyone had an assessment at Thomas’s this week? (click here). AdamM asks if anyone has paid for a private dyslexia assessment for their child? (click here) and for a comprehensive list of school and nursery open days follow this link!…click here for details

If you are just back from hols and already thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our property pages where we’ve mapped them all out for you……click here for details


Like Simon Cowell’s ego, our house and garden section just keeps growing!

Jonathan @ Hamptons needs recommendations for a company or individual that can repair glazed roof seals? (click here).  Kirrog04 is designing a new kitchen and need extractor fan advice(click here).  Susiegg is looking to get a few pieces of furniture re-painted. Any recommendations for firms who could do this? (click here). Ladyofacertainage needs an engineer to fix an electric Bosch oven? (click here) Moonlight are a family of four looking for a short term rental (4 /5 weeks) while they have our house renovated (click here). TelfordParkMum is renting out a five bed home in the Telford Park area  (click here). CMR is looking for someone who could come and clear their garden (click here). RozHobley would love a someone to take on a basic sewing job (click here).Sarahjlevans needs a plumber/bathroom fitter? (click here). and Anna1103 is looking for someone who can install her dishwasher…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: a brand new Boon Baby bath (orange), never used, £30 (click here),  an Uppababy Cruz pram and carry cot, £350 (click here) a Mammas & Papas Baby Snug,£15 (click here) and a Skip Hop Tree Top Activity Gym, for sale £30 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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