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We have a load of School posts

Last Updated on : 15th April 2019

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“It’s NOT A SHOT GUN wedding.”

My nephew is getting married in London over Easter and, as we have so many relatives overseas, the house is filling up with visitors from all corners of the world.

It’s all suitably fabby and Love-Actually-like.

The only fly in the ointment is that my youngest somehow got it into her head that when the stag weekend involved clay pigeon shooting then the ceremony itself is a SHOT GUN WEDDING.

I suspect Mr NVN’s hand in all this but, as yet, haven’t been able to prove anything.

Suffice to say the postman, the binmen, the drycleaners and all manner of school gate friends have all heard about the SHOT GUN WEDDING.

I’ve finally managed to persuade her that it’s just a wedding, and the gun-based prefix isn’t necessary, but she’s now running around telling everyone what it’s not.

I’m dreading the vicar being told by a very earnest flowergirl that it’s NOT A SHOT GUN WEDDING.


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

Balham based charity Little Village are chuffed to bits that they have been chosen as one of the charities the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would like people to support in lieu of sending them baby gifts when their little one arrives read more) Oooh is she pregnant? Why hasn’t it been in all the papers?

M. is worried that she’s losing her hair for no apparent reason – she’s only 40. Any similar experiences or advice? (read more)

Residents were asked if they wanted lorries banned from a local road and they said yes (read more). But not everyone is happy…

R. reports that L K Bennett is to close on Northcote Road (read more)Come on, is NO ONE safe?

Lots of speedy tips for S. on the fastest way to get into the City from Clapham during the morning rush hour (read more).

N. is feeling inspired after watching ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ and would love to hear of any sewing classes in the Clapham Junction area (read more).

J. is having serious second thoughts about sending her youngest to the same nursery as her eldest due to seemingly no flexibility with baby’s routine. Should she opt for a nanny instead? (read more)

One of the NVN team had a great evening at the Omnibus Theatre in Clapham Old Town watching ‘Tony’s Last Tape’. The play is based on the diaries of politician Tony Benn and gives a fascinating insight into one of Britain’s most recognised politicians (read more).

R. would love your nanny/housekeeper agency recommendations (read more).

M. is wondering if anyone is looking to re-home any Sylvanian Family sets?(read more) You CAN’T! They’re like real people and can never have as new owner! Oh, sorry, one of my own traumas from childhood just came out there!

And another M. needs recommendations for a French piano teacher who teaches the ‘Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do’ method! Ooh, I feel like Julie Andrews (read more). IT’S A FEMALE DEAR!

There’s a new opening on Northcote Road called Reflexions…think reflexology, massage, a ‘living wall’ and…wake up! They’ve just had their opening weekend and would love to see you (read more). Yay – some great retail news at last!

Release your inner dancer by booking a space on the new term of Mum-Dance classes beginning right after Easter – the perfect way to burn off all that Easter egg chocolate! Weekly classes held in Battersea, Clapham, Balham and Putney, so they’ve pretty much got us covered! (read more)

The Secret Faces clinic, who specialize in Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture, are now able to provide their treatments in the comfort of your south-west London home (read more).

One of our team’s little girls was stung on the common last week but help was at hand thanks to the WASuP sting relief that we’d popped in our goodie bags at our recent meet-up (read more).

Killik & Co on Northcote Road is offering complimentary one-to-one sessions on how to invest for your children. Just call in to book an appointment (read more). We need to INVEST for them? They’re already costing me a fortune!

Get your tastebuds on high alert for a ‘10-minute tapas’ cookery class at Brindisa in Balham next week – looks and sounds delicious (read more).

A serious bleed can be caused by any accident at home or in the garden, a mishap at work or sadly, through violence on the street. Would you know what to do? Our friends at First Aid For Life have some excellent advice (read more). They also have a course for teenagers running this Wednesday (read more).

We have a planter full of House & Garden posts

Online architects, Resi, have written a brilliant piece for us on how long it really takes to tackle a build project, from planning and design to the tender process and build. Gold dust at your fingertips! (read more)

SS needs post-build cleaner recommendations (read more). We have to CLEAN after builders? 

J. has just had an offer accepted on a house and needs a surveyor – any recommendations? (read more)

V. is moving to the Heaver Estate and their windows need a refurb. Does anyone know about planning restrictions for window replacements and what might they need to budget? (read more)

B. is considering buying a property in northern Spain and plans to Airbnb it. Anyone else done the same and have any nuggets of advice? (read more)

H. asks if anyone has recently sourced Quick-Step flooring? Would you recommend and where did you buy? (read more) And sticking with flooring,

R. has a typical ‘Between the Commons’ house and would love your thoughts on the best flooring to use for downstairs – they have two small children (read more).

C. asks if anyone knows of a trustworthy company to help remove a whole lot of ‘stuff’ from the home of someone with a history of hoarding (read more).


We have a plimsoll full of Schools posts

Parsons Green Prep School have announced the appointment of a new head to the school (read more).

J. believes OFSTED ratings to be unreliable and asks how parents should decide where to send their children? (read more)

A. is considering Ewell Castle School for their son and would love to hear any views as well as what the commute is like from CJ (read more).

If you’re after a small school with big opportunities perhaps take a look at Wandsworth Prep (read more).

V. is looking for an after-school nanny from September from Allfarthing/Swaffield (read more).


We have a Trunki full of Travel posts

Camp Suisse, the hugely popular summer camps in the Swiss Alps (yes, the hills are alive..) is launching an incredible mini-camp for May half term, ideal if you’re after a short break or would like to have a taster before booking in for the longer holidays (read more).

Remember the super cute lamb that Montengrandneeded your help in naming? Well, after many a brilliant suggestion on our Instagram page, a winning name has been chosen! (read more)

It’s not SheepyMcSheepFace. That suggestion came second! G. is taking his kids skiing for the first time and would love to hear your top tips for avoiding meltdowns on the slope (possibly don’t ski with your other half!) and where to go for some of the necessary ski gear (read more).

In need of holiday inspiration? Consider speaking to Travel Designers in Balham (read more).


For sale

Baby Bjorn bouncer (read more).

Vintage 50s chest of drawers (read more).

Yamaha keyboard (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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