Which local school is on Tatler’s list? Local flood warnings issued. Which local preps have closed admissions for 2017?

Last Updated on : 6th January 2014
Which local school is on Tatler's list? Local flood warnings issued

Dear South West London Mum,

“Who would like a game of Family Fortunes?”

Mr NappyValleyNet was waving the board game over the remains of our extended family Christmas dinner.

I’d never considered Les Dennis’ game-show a traditional Yuletide activity but it was the season of goodwill, so it felt a little Grinch-like to refuse.

A few minutes later we were divided into two teams of seven, eighty years separating the oldest and the youngest players.

My niece, who is six years old, kicked off with the first question.

“Can you name five ways to make a baby?”

Mr NappyValleyNet spat his Bulgarian red wine across the table but quickly recovered his natural competitive spirit and before I could stop him shouted, “natural, IVF and test tube but I can’t think of anymore!”

The octogenarians spluttered and checked hearing aids whilst the young teenagers went bright red and pulled their party hats over their faces.

“Could I see the question please?” I asked gently whilst Mr NVN was goading his mortified team to “think”.

“It looks like you missed a word at the end,” I said.

“Oooh sorry,” my niece replied.

“Can you name five ways to make a baby SMILE?” she corrected.

I promise that was my Christmas day and this is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Tatler Magazine have released a list of the UK’s top 100 state schools. They’ve never created such a list before but now that private education is so expensive they feel its necessary. You can interpret that comment in many different ways but nonetheless you might be interested to learn which local school is on the list!…click here for details

Wandsworth Council is making over £16million a year PROFIT from their parking scheme. Wow, I reckon my household probably accounts for a big chunk of that!…click here for details

Some of our users have shared their New Year resolutions. Eat more and exercise is actually one of them although after reading the previous post, park more carefully is definitely up there at NVN Towers!…click here for details

Over the weekend a flood warning was issued for Wandsworth and Putney. I hope you weren’t badly affected…click here for details

Savannah has just had her 4th miscarriage. She is 42. “Are all eggs bad now?” she asks and wonders if there is little chance at her age to sustain a pregnancy? Advice is almost impossible in these situations but I do hope we can offer some support…click here for details

WWmum is thinking of employing a nanny who has her own child and would co-care. Do you have any experience of this? Did it work?…click here for details

Ningaloo is returning to work part-time. Which three days should she work?…click here for details

Dannijeanne is looking for a sling for her four year old with a broken collar bone. The one from the hospital is the wrong size…click here for details

A new bike shop is opening on Northcote Road. I guess it could be called “Pedal Pushers”! Get it???…click here for details

Petal uses Skype a lot and is finding it intrusive. Does anyone else suffer from relatives just “dropping” in?…click here for details

SamT’s mum has just retired, what might she do with her spare time?  Lots of suggestions here!…click here for details 

Mummy2-3 wonders how much pocket money is the right amount?…click here for details

WE love Bee from Life After London but her boys are suffering from bad dreams. Can you help them sleep soundly?…click here for details

This post is a bit late but LEMummy’s little one lost her hearing aid at the Latchmere. Might you have found it?…click here for details

Mrs Pavlova wants to get rid of her wedding dress. It’s taking up too much room, where could she sell it?…click here for details

Milliesmum is looking for a mobile mechanic…click here for details

Mummydani’s husband is running the marathon. Yay! But he needs a sports physiotherapist. Boo! Hope we can help!…click here for details

Our meet-a-mum or dad or nanny is heaving. Do you live near Magdalen Road? SamT would like to meet up if you do! (click here) Do you know any SAHD’s? DB wants to meet up!…click here for details

And onto schools…

Do “middle” children at Finton “need” extra help? PB has been told that they do!…click here for details

Has the registration list for Hornsby closed for children born in Autumn 2012? Already???….click here for details

Petal is filling in her school application forms. Can you help her with feedback on Highview, Alderbrook and Wix?…click here for details

Don’t forget the deadline for choosing a Wandsworth education nursery is the 14th of February. The council has a web page to help you decide…click here for details

Our “rent a house or flat” section is flying! Fancy renting a house in Earlsfield?…click here for details

Muddlemoo is looking for personal trainer and a detox. Wow! You are serious! Good luck!…click here for details

JK’s other half suffers from achy feet. Can you suggest a therapeutic foot massage?…click here for details

And now it’s the turn of travel…

CD would like skiing holiday recommendations for next Christmas…click here for details

SJH mummy is planning a “mini break” sans kids for 3 nights. I am SO jealous! Suggestions? I have a suggestion, take me!…click here for details

Now this is a FAB idea! FD is looking for a portable room divider so his little one doesn’t wake when they are sharing a hotel room?..click here for details

G is looking for activity suggestions for a one year old in Clapham. Also, can you suggest a good local soft play centre, she asks?…click here for details

Our House and Garden Section is busier than the “Click and Collect” queue at Waitrose

Jen66 wonders who supplies your home broadband? (click here) KH  needs a firm to rip out a heap of laminate flooring (click here) Denshort is looking for removal recommendations (click here) Meemoo needs builders for a loft extension (click here) ST is looking for cardboard boxes (click here) AaH needs her boiler repaired (click here) SGM hopes to get top level roofer recommendations (get it!) (click here), BB is searching for someone to design and create an alcove/cupboards (click here). Franlib needs local architects for a house extension…click here for details

Sticking with House and Garden, our great friends at Surface tiles have a recommended tilers list AND their sale starts this Friday! That’s two birds with one stone!…click here for details

The NappyValleyNet calendar is packed, lots and lots and lots to do!

There is a “Where’s Wally?” fun run in March in Victoria Park (click here) The Minnow Club in Brixton is perfect for under-5’s (click here) and singing lessons/classes with Little Voices in Putney…click here for details

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a selection of Mothercare Hye Crib (click here), a Cath Kidston pram bag (click here) and an Ikea chest of drawers (click here). 

That’s it, have a wonderful week and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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