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Why are basement conversions so popular in South West London?

Last Updated on : 5th August 2019

With London property prices undoubtedly on the rise for the foreseeable future, up-sizing to a larger family home, for some,isn’t always financially viable. Instead, homeowners are digging deeper (literally) to find a solution to accommodate their growing family needs. So,lets take a look at just why basement conversions are so popular in South West London?

The opportunities are endless
With loft conversions space can be limited and, in some cases, garden space is a luxury in London, so extending to the rear of your home is not always an option. A basement though tends to share the same footprint below ground as the building above ground and as such allows for much more usable space. Convertinga basement is also far more flexible, allowing homeowners to create a range of exciting opportunities such as a cinema room, swimming pool or gym. Overall, a basement conversion transforms what was a dark and damp space into the further living spacethat families so often crave.

One size doesn’t fit all
When it comes to making your basement dry there are 3 main methods that can be used. According to BS 8102:2009, the code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground,these are known as Type A, Type B and Type C

Type A: Barrier Protection
Defined as ‘barrier protection’. This is where a waterproofing material is applied either internally or externallyquite literally creating a barrier to stop water entering the basement.

Type B: Structurally Integral Protection
When constructed the property is formed as a watertight construction within the foundations. It requires no additional protection and usually found within structures based in city centres such as residential apartments.

Type C: Drained Protection
The most common form of waterproofing used for homeowners converting an existing basement. Type C allows the water to continue to penetrate through the wall in to the basement area. A membrane is applied to the walls of the basement and the water then runs behind the membrane ending up in a perimeter drainage channel.
The flow of water is then controlled by using a perimeter drainage channel that runs around the edge of the basement.The water that is within the drainage channel is then channelled towards a pump where it is then pumped away from the basement to a convenient drain off point.

So, no matter what your requirements, there is a basement waterproofing solution perfectly suited to your requirements and budget.

You don’t need planning permission
Unlike most outwards extensions, most basement conversions don’t need planning permission as the transformation is taking place inside of the property and not altering the external appearance. Should you wish to create new entrances or add windows planning permission may be required.

You’re not liable
For your basement conversion to be legally compliant with British Standard BS8102:2009, a Waterproofing Design Specialist must be used to design your waterproofing system. A Waterproofing Design Specialist is an individual that holds the industry recognised PCACSSW qualification. It is the responsibility of the Design Specialist to take on the design liability for the required environment, and carry out risk necessary assessments.

Need the advice of a Waterproofing Design Specialist to make your basement dry?
You can trust Timberwise to provide you with the right basement waterproofing systems for you. Don’t hesitate to contact Timberwise by calling on 0800 288 8660 or you can request a survey online.

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