Wife doesn’t want me to pay for nephew’s school fees. 20 “top secret” places to eat in Wandsworth. Can I drink whilst breastfeeding?

Last Updated on : 12th May 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter, 

“But you make the emails up, right?”

I get asked this question ALL the time.

It’s usually followed by…

“And Mr NappyValleyNet isn’t REALLY such a doofus, is he?”

I always answer no and yes and then tell this story, which I promise is absolutely true.

My youngest was about to start Reception.

The teacher had sent a “Welcome to Big School” card to all of her pupils-to-be. My daughter was proudly waving hers around the breakfast table, much to the irritation of my eldest, who couldn’t remember receiving one when he’d started school.

I whispered to Mr NVN to “make a card” and he excused himself from the table and disappeared.

Ten minutes later he called out, “hey, the postman has left another letter, I wonder who this is for?”

My eldest ran over, opened the envelope, read the card and burst into tears.

He then shot upstairs, a sobbing hysterical mess.

“What did you write?” I asked, picking up the card.

Inside the message was short and to the point…”Dear Tom, you stink, love your new teacher.”

There was also stick figure picture on the front, it was helpfully captioned “Stinky Tom.”

“What ever were you thinking?” I was so angry I could barely speak.

“Hm mm I misjudged that,” he replied walking upstairs to apologise, “I just thought he might have a better sense of humour by year 2.”

And that, fellow NappyValleyNetters, is why I can write this email each and every week.

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Wife doesn't want me to pay for nephew's school feesWhere are the very best “secret” places to eat in SW London? We’ve had a TON of suggestions from Taiwanese Street Food to Chinese Dumplings and a pop-up French place in Balham run by ex-Ritz chefs!…click here for details

After all that food you’ll need some exercise. Fit For a Princess are launching some new MID- morning classes on Wandsworth Common. Work it sister!…click here for details

Two pregnancy questions: LBM is on holiday and is unsure of her pregnancy test result. A thin line, no line and now the tester itself might be broken. Can you help? (click here) Schnitzel wonders if she can drink whilst breastfeeding?…click here for details

Cityhubby, as a child, won a scholarship to an independent school. He believes it was instrumental in his current financial success. So should he offer to pay for a nephew’s school fees? His wife is objecting…click here for details

CGlass is in charge of organising a hen “do” and is looking for civilized pedicure/manicure therapists for 5 or 6 others. Know any cute cuticle champions?…click here for details

From Hen “dos” to christenings, it’s like the “Circle of Life” on NappyValleyNet this week: Beachview is looking for christening present ideas for girls…click here for details

Do you have buggies on the brain? Rebs30000 wants to know the pros and cons of a Mothercare Xpedior? One immediately obvious con is it’s very hard to spell! (click here) and MummyH is overwhelmed by which buggy to buy: the Bugaboo Donkey – any good?…click here for details

Sticking with prams, Muddlemoo needs a bit of a service on her Phil & Teds “Bubby”Know any premium pram preeners?…click here for details

FranglaiseMummy needs your votes! She’s been shortlisted for the “Oscars” of parent blog awards and would love for you to vote for her! I think my notification for the same award must have been lost in the post, *stares sadly out of the window*…click here for details

Back to Rebs30000, she is having a boy and is stuck for names! Arbuthnot?…click here for details

Scribbler is moving to Copenhagen and is clueless about where to start with schools and where to live. Can you help? I know that “BleDal” is NappyValley in Danish, is that helpful? …click here for details

ElizaD is looking for good Ipad headphones for children. Beats by Dr Dre? Those “cans” rock!…click here for details

Two health queries that I really hope we can answer. Lalectrice would like recommendations for an experienced person to carry out a safe and gentle ERPC (click here) and GMC had a stressy chat with her GP and is being fast tracked to rule out cervical cancer. Can you suggest the best London gynae cancer hospitals, she asks?…click here for details

MummyPoppins would love ideas for places around Clapham Junction or Wandsworth Common to get ears pierced. A cork, a needle and a bottle of Diamond White is what I used when I had mine done. Last week.…click here for details

SWChick is stressed and in need of advice about Employment Rights. Again, I really hope we can help...click here for details

Pixi needs suggestions for a day care nursery in the Northcote Rd/Broomwood Road area?(click here) and Lily36 wants your views on The Park Kindergarden in SW11.…click here for details

Leelee is renting out their property and is looking for letting agency suggestions?…click here for details

This is a LOVELY question! Earlsfieldlady wonders if any of you may fancy a change of lifestyle and share the costs of a lovely manor house in mid-Wales. To paraphrase Jerry Maguire, you had me a manor house!…click here for details

I’ve posted some useful links which I hope will help people deal with post natal depression. I also hope that anyone who has been affected, either directly or indirectly, receives all the support and care they need…click here for details

All About the Girl is an amazing friend of NappyValleyNet’s and they’ve just launched an informal evening for teens!…click here for details

Meldoublew is going through potty training with her 28 months old daughter and it’s not going well! Advice?…click here for details

Twinmum wonders if it is just her or does anyone else have issues with the Thurleigh Road practice?…click here for details

Can you help with our travel questions? CD wonders if you can suggest restaurants in Rome? (click here). Shaneleone is looking for places for a long weekend with a heated pool near-ish to London? (click here) and Mim needs to know which Centre Parcs is the best one?…click here for more details

Our schools section is busier than a Eurovision Song Contest Judge!

Explore Learning, the popular provider of English and maths tuition for kids, has opened the doors of its latest centre in Wandsworth. (click here), Ganges is looking for a tutor to help with reading and numbers (click here). and Editrix is looking for saxophone and piano teachers.…click here for details

Our House and Garden section is busier than a SW London estate agent!

Emma’s burglar alarm needs moving and she wonders who might be able to do it?(click here), T&R is considering sliding glass doors, are you happy with yours, she asks? (click here), Peggy would like artificial grass, can you recommend your plastic turf tout? (click here) GG needs a newgarden fence, who can help get it up? (click here) Tilly&Roo is  looking for a carpenter to make a bespoke kitchen. (click here)  Asmtwill is hoping to find an architect (click here) and MM is struggling with the rules and regulations for smoke alarms in a loft conversion (click here) lastly there is a four bedroom house for sale in the Honeywell catchment area!…click here for more details

Our calendar is now upgraded, and its bigger and better!

The Minotaur is coming to the Polka Theatre (click here) there is Smiley Time at Cafe Nero, if you buy nine smiles and get your card stamped, the tenth is free!(click here)  Amanda of the WORLD FAMOUS Amanda’s Action Kids has a special offer for her Wandsworth Common classes (click here)  and check out “Storytime” at Putney Library (click here)

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: an almost new a pair of Max & May girls ballerina flats for £10 (click here), a FREE John Lewis Cotbed! (click here) and Mamas & Papas Rialto nursery furniture set in Natural Oak. £275. (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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