Woman attacks ambulance staff on Northcote Road. Xmas tip etiquette for nurseries and nannies. Taxi Wars: Wandsworth to West End for £5!

Last Updated on : 24th November 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,


Total and utter silence.

This is not the response one hopes for when presenting the family with their evening meal but to a person they all stared at their plates whilst trying to work out what to say.

Or, as it turned out, what they were about to eat.

“Thank you mummy,” said my daughter, “what is this please?”

“It’s some healthy food we had left over from Sunday dinner,” I replied pointing to the potatoes and vegetables, “with some burgers which may or may not be a little over done.”

At this point Mr NVN tapped his burger with his knife.

It made a hard clicking sound.

I stared and he stopped clicking with his food.

Well,” said my son, “I think this looks delicious, could you pass the mustard please?”

“At least someone has some manners,” I replied, but it turns out I’d spoken too soon.

“…and perhaps a small saw?” he continued.


Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Woman attacks ambulance staff on Northcote Road





Some unpleasant news from Battersea last week, London Ambulance staff were attacked on Northcote Road…click here for details

It’s not just Santa who is coming, so is the Tube! The extension to Nine Elms has been given the go ahead…click here for details

w2From a transport system which doesn’t like “leaves on the line” to a toddler who doesn’t like leaves on his pram. GC has a little one who gets very distressed if foliage is fixed to his buggy…click here for details

Sticking with transport, a new “black cab” scheme has just launched and Christmas trips to the West End will only cost £5. Looks like a price war is brewing!…click here for details


Last week we launched our “NappyValleyNet Seal of Approval” scheme.

Many of you had questions about how it works and potential problems. Keep those queries coming, we want to get this right…click here for details

ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS (cue Slade song) and Forkful Food have teamed up with Circle Wine Co to take the hassle out of your office Christmas party. They’ll supply the drinks, the ice, the canapés, the photocopier for the inappropriate Xeroxes and some Nurofen. OK, ok I made some of those up!…click here for details

Editrix loves “Volker and Quinn”! It’s not a German law firm but a deli and fishmonger in Balham. She has no association but just feel that unless we support these little independents then they’ll disappear!…click here for details

Millymoo wants to meet Father Christmas, but is she too late? I think he usually comes on the 25th of December so you have stacks of time. Oh I get it now, you mean in a store! Any suggestions for desperately seeking Santa?…click here for details

Mumhug tells us that the Tooting Constitutional Club is on a mission to secure an area of community space on a site in Tooting Graveney ..click here for details

w2The national and local press reported this story extensively last week.
Wandsworth Council were allegedly telling residents it was OK to shoot foxes but it was misrepresented and the council clarified the story on NVN, thanks guys!..click here for details

JenPanxhi is thinking of moving to Tooting Bec and wants to know if you think it’s a nice area? I love the comment “Push, Jasper, Push!”click here for details


Londonlady14 is looking for a ‘really good’ couples therapist.  I hope we can help…click here for details

I LOVE THIS POST! TwiceAsNice’s friend is expecting twins and they want to produce a card of ‘mum to mum’ advice. What are your top tips? I *think* we could turn this into a book (with the proceeds to charity) if we have enough suggestions! Come on everyone, chip in!…click here for details

Sophieb wonders if ‘you give a Christmas gift to nursery staff?’ This is a really useful post discussing Christmas tip “etiquette”..click here for details

MummytoT is tempted to try and eat out at a local gastropub or restaurant on Christmas Day. Any suggestions for a posh pub that’ll cook a turkey with all the trimmings? The first person to suggest Wetherspoons will have their account deleted! 🙂…click here for details

Jemima123’s son has been waking every couple of hours screaming ‘Mummy & Daddy’. Any advice to combat night terrors?…click here for details

And on the same theme, although of a different magnitude, Louisa is looking for a child psychiatrist as her daughter suffers from strong fears and once one is resolved she finds another. I really hope we can help…click here for details

M. is new to nanny share a and needs advice! She has a five month old and is looking to do a nanny share with a family who has a 10 month old. Is it hard for a nanny to take care of two babies with such a difference in mobility?…click here for details

feet2Emilie is looking for a full-time nanny position, ideally 4 days/week as she would like one day off to volunteer…click here for details

Emma has a strange request, ‘have you got any pictures of bumps, grazes and bruises that would be happy to share for a good cause?…click here for details


Looking for a new challenge? Check out these vacancies!

Puddle Ducks are looking for a fun, friendly outgoing people to join their growing team as Baby and Pre School teachers (click here). Lucy Gardening Lady is desperately looking for a few reliable, creative, energetic people (click here).  Buzzymum is looking for a responsible and reliable after school nanny who can pick up our three boys from school /nursery…click here for details

Looking for “Things-to-do” Inspiration? We can have it here!

Jonathan@Hamptons wants you to SAVE THE DATE for the Northcote Road Christmas lights and pop-up market. It’s that time again so unpack your elf outfit, dust off your wallet and practice your carols! The big switch on will take place on Friday 28th November at 6pm. Far far too many activities to list so check out the details behind this link! (click here).  Gambado in Chelsea have their party on Thursday December 4th to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Groove at the disco, visit Santa’s Grotto, drink mulled wine and finish off with a bit of shopping. See you there! (click here).  The White Christmas Fair is coming to town and will be held at Testbed1 on Parkgate Road from 10am until 5pm on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th December. It’s free entry and the event will feature over forty stalls (click here). Pie81 is looking for a weekly activity class for her daughter who has just turned (click here). Taylas484 asks if anybody knows of any good adult beginners Japanese classes around Clapham or Tooting Bec?  (click here). StudioFilmSchool have posted details of their Saturday film-making workshops in Balham…click here for details

STOP PRESS! Holy Ghost have their Xmas shopping event TONIGHT! Its from 7.30-9.30pm at Holy Ghost School, Nightingale Square SW12. Fabulous stalls, ‘Gellish’ nails by Bellissima for just £15 and a fantastic raffle featuring a luxury Daylesford hamper from Harrods worth almost £300! Just £3 entry on the door and it includes the first glass of fizz. I’ll see you there.

The schools questions keep coming!!!

Sw11_ asks how the admission process works for JAGS if the child is already attending JAPS?  JAGS actually joined NVN to answer this so I think we know the score! (click here). Its time for Mrs Contractor Mum to start the application process and she’s torn between which state school close to Tooting Bec. Can you help? (click here) KasiaT recently looked at the Allfarthing school nursery and the nursery area seemed crowded. Has anybody’s child attended the nursery, she wonders, and what were your experiences? (click here), Munchkin16 invites you to the Trinity St Mary’s CofE Primary School in Balham Open Day on Tuesday 9th December 2014 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm (click here). Janet14 asks why none of the local independent prep schools featured in the Sunday Times Top Prep schools article?…click here for details

If you are thinking about school applications, catchment areas and maybe even moving into one (!) check out our property pages where we’ve mapped them all out for you……click here for details

Whether you’re Ed Miliband or Myleen Klass, our house and garden section will answer your taxing mansion questions!

ZM wants to recommend a lovely lady called Alison who re-upholstered several items of furniture. Thanks ZM! (click here).  LOACA’s patio needs re-pointing, suggestions? (click here).  SJH Mummy needs ideas for a dry cleaner to remove Biro from a fabric sofa cover? (click here)AvalonNeighbour needs an EPC for her house in Clapham South (click here). BtheC  wondered if anyone has any experience with Teddington Kitchens?  (click here). Mats03 needs an all around builder for a few days to help ‘do’ their downstairs loo (clich here) and on the same note, Joe’s Mum is looking help for a few small building type jobs around the house (click here). SamT needs a surveyor to value a freehold of two maisonettes (click here)  and lastly Shan72’s wonderful nanny is looking for a flat to let as soon as possible, ideally in SW11…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

This week: a brand new, slim white shoe cabinet for 24 pairs of shoes, £99 (click here),  100 Mega Bloks box, £10 (click here) and a Joules baby girl snowsuit (9-12 months), £325 (click here)


That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team



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