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Spooky photo taking house visitor? Woman punched in Clapham. Dodgy builder flees to Ibiza?

Last Updated on : 7th January 2019

woman being punched on Clapham High Street.

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

It was early on New Year’s Day morning and my youngest was still tucked up in bed.

Mr NVN and I crept in to gently wake her – we had a big family lunch in a few hours and although I felt loath to disturb her, we really needed to get on our way.

I gently shook her and, without opening her eyes, she sleepily asked if it was time for school?

I don’t know if I’d lost my edge because of the holidays or if Mr NVN was uncharacteristically quick, but I really should have anticipated what would happen next.


My daughter shot out of bed in about a tenth of a second, tried to pull on a pair of tights whilst simultaneously removing her pyjamas before collapsing in a heap on the floor.

For some reason an old joke about an octopus wrestling a string bag came to mind.

And if anyone wants to know how long a sleep-deprived child can hold a grudge for, just drop me a line. I’m pretty sure we set the 2019 record on January the first.


Here is what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

J. has posted to ask if anyone else has heard of a woman who came to her house to photograph items to sell on eBay? She fears she’s been conned (read more). This is actually quite spooky!

And JX had kindly updated us all on her oh-so-long parking ticket nightmare. She received no reminder for her residents permit and got a ticket. But it looks like all is well that ends well! Eventually (read more)

An allegedly dodgy local builder seems to be sunning themselves in Ibiza (read more).

Awful footage emerged recently of a woman being punched on Clapham High Street (read more).

This older topic has just been restarted due to some pretty strong feelings: The Belleville expansion plan is ruffling some feathers – too many teachers being fired, according to one disgruntled user? (read more)

New Year, New You etc and one user is trying to track down a well-known hairdresser with a particular set of skills (read more). Or am I confusing nativity plays with the movie Taken?

In happier news – we have a gaggle (is that the collective noun?) of south Londoners who have been awarded MBEs in this year’s Honours List (read more). Whaddaya mean I’m not on it???

Pod would love your private health insurance recommendations (read more).

M. is looking for a milkman to deliver to the door (read more). Do you know who has the fastest float in the ‘Valley?

W. would like to find a family therapist with specialism in CBT (read more).

Still on the subject of recommendations: C. is looking for someone to redesign the website of a not-for-profit organisation (read more).

C.’s new au pair has arranged a January drink on Northcote Road – do spread the word to other au pairs! (read more) What’s the collective noun for a group of au pairs? An assist? A giggle?

Nurturing Mums have posted details of their new term of 4-weekly postnatal classes in Balham and Earlsfield, so if you have a new babe in arms, this could be for you (read more).

L. asks if you have invested in an ISA or fixed bond and if so, which one? (read more)

N. asks why her PMs sit in her outbox for so long on the site – if you’re having the same problem, take a look at why! (read more)

V. is considering acupuncture to get her body ready for pregnancy. Any recommendations? (read more)

Kimberley Swim Clinics has posted details of their February half term clinic at the Ernest Bevin pool in SW17. Bookings open Wednesday – fastest splash first! (read more)

And L. is looking for swimming lessons for her little one…love it when that happens! (read more)

A well-known wine bar has just launched a wine school at their Battersea Power Station venue. Go learn about all things vinous at this urban wine school! (read more). They had me at wine!


We have a brand new 2019 diary full of House & Garden posts

Excellent news from a local bespoke carpentry company who have won a Home & Garden Award – what a great start to 2019, congratulations! (read more)

E. can’t recommend their 3-bed flat in Balham highly enough and they’re moving out so it’s available! (read more)

B. is looking for a painter/decorator for a job in Balham (read more).

A. would love your recommendations for a local interior designer (read more).

And B. is searching for indoor plants, succulents and planters. Where to go? (read more)

U. asks if you have any remedies for slow-draining drains (read more).

S. needs to make their front garden entrance a little wider. Who can help? (read more)

P. is looking for a reasonably-priced solicitor to manage a simple lease extension (read more).

B. would like to know where to find quality but affordable garden furniture (read more).

O. needs a short-term 2-bedroom let (read more).

R. asks if you’ve heard of a particular building company who don’t seem to have a website (read more).

M. wonders which is the best high-rise bunk bed system? Any children out there with a sleepy head for heights? (read more)


We have a New Year’s Resolution full of Schools Posts

Windlesham House School in West Sussex has an open day coming up soon and welcomes parents of boys and girls from 4 to 13 (read more).

Thoughts still coming in on haircuts before a school interview (read more).

Exceptional Academics’ 11+ Saturday School spring term gets underway next weekend at Belleville Primary (read more).


The holidays are over – let’s go away again!

Gitcombe Country Cottages in Devon has just opened a stunning new house which sleeps 8 (plus babies!) and has all you need for a five star family-friendly get-away. Managing ed. Charlotte went to stay with her family just before Christmas and loved it. A lot. (read more)

Thinking skiing? Camp Suisse are now running a Winter Ski Camp for those aged 7 to 17 and it looks like a whole lot of fun…swish swish, bend ze knees (read more). To warmer climes and

S. is after recommendations for where to stay in Dubai (read more).

M. is looking for a house to rent in Cape Town next December (read more).

Brilliant news for Balham travel agent, Travel Designers who have been shortlisted again this year for Best London Travel Agency. Call in and see where 2019 might take you! (read more)

And they’re holding a Family Holiday Show at Bertie & Boo in early February with the likes of Club Med, Kuoni and James Villas. Decisions, decisions..(read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant!

Bookkeeper with Rampton Baseley (read more).

Full time live-out nanny,Balham (read more).

Volunteering role in south London for someone with legal and business experience to help with refugees (read more).

For sale

Hydraulic Robot Arm (a helping hand..?!) (read more).

A pair of Christian Louboutins. New shoes…? (read more)

Wooden chaise longue (read more).

MacBook Air 13 inch (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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