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Woman strangled in Harbut Road

Last Updated on : 4th February 2019


Harbut Road

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Very early on Friday morning we were driving alongside Wandsworth Common.

It had just finished snowing.

“Look at the Common” commented Mr NappyValleyNet, pointing at the snow covered lamp-posts, “it’s like Narnia.”

Later that day, he called to tell me that his “big” work pitch had been cancelled, as most of the attendees hadn’t made it in on the trains, I asked him if the snow still reminded him of C.S. Lewis and the Snow Queen?

I’m pretty sure a lion, a witch and a wardrobe wouldn’t fit where Mr NappyValleyNet suggested they belong.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

Awful news from Harbut Road – a woman was attacked and strangled yesterday. She is OK but very shocked. The men escaped and the police are looking for them but so far there have been no arrests. Thank you for posting a warning ArtNanny and it goes without saying that our thoughts are with the poor victim (read more)

G. has posted about his in-laws who voted to Leave but he voted to Remain. He can’t bear to see them anymore but he’ll still give them access to their grandchildren. Reasonable? (read more)

Now I REALLY hope we can help with this problem: K.’s mother who is in her 80s is leaving her controlling husband of several decades and she’s asking for advice about finances and separation vs divorce (read more). Come on NVN, let’s get those wise heads together!

S. would like to know of any postnatal counsellor or therapist in the Balham area? I’m sure we can help you on this one too (read more).

M. asks if anyone has ever tried trauma focused CBT or EMDR for PTSD? (read more).

S. has posted to warn everyone about waiting for any longer than 10 minutes at the pick-up/drop-off spot at Clapham Junction. You may find a ticket coming your way (read more). Oooh parking – that’s a topic that keeps you all so so calm. Not.

And while we’re on parking, the thread on the new parking permits system goes on – C. has been waiting for a new one for four months! (read more) Told ya!

Putney High Street will be getting environmentally-friendly ‘virtual windows’on empty shops to encourage shoppers back to the high street and avoid graffiti and fly-posting (read more). Rumours that Mike Ashley is buying Putney are unconfirmed.

We’ve had a raft of shop closures this week: a much-loved cycle café has been forced to close in Tooting thanks to rent hikes (read more).

Patisserie Valerie in Southside is to close after the recent appointment of administrators (read more).

Oddbins is closing down on Balham High Road (read more).

And Jack Wills has left Northcote Road (read more). Come on – let’s have some good news in the high street, please!

Parents had their say in Battersea’s York Garden’s library last week sending a message to the council that the ‘stay and play’ sessions must survive the children’s services shake-up (read more).

Smart bins are coming to Wandsworth – they tell the waste team when they’re full – clever bins! (read more) I wish I had a smart tummy.

C. is looking for a local tax accountant (read more). Ask Donald Trump for his – he is super transparent over his taxes!

S. would like to find a seamstress or tailor for wedding dress alterations – happy days! (read more)

L. asks what’s the going rate for an au pair these days(read more)

H. needs a part-time nanny to look after her 10-month-old in SW4 (read more).

Z. is looking for doggie day care and training recommendations (read more).

L. is moving back to Balham after 20 years away and this time has children! Please share activities for babies and toddlers, ideally within walking distance of SW12 (read more).

If you’d like to try something new this year on the fitness front, take a look at this great round-up of local goings-on, each with a tempting offer get you going (read more).

R. is looking for a birthday present for a unicorn-loving-three-year-old.Um…a unicorn? (read more) Get a duocorn – it’s like a unicorn but with TWO horns (aka a ‘goat’).

And on the subject of birthday presents, G. has posted about a cost-saving plastic-tat-reducing idea for children’s birthday presents and suggests we all adopt it (read more).


We have Six Nations pitch full of House & Garden posts

F. is looking to reconfigure the ground floor of their Edwardian house. Any bright ideas to share or advice to impart? (read more)

C. has a lovely double room with private shower room available to rent in Clapham Park (read more).

B. is looking for someone to repair a dishwasher (read more).

N. needs to find a lawn specialist who is especially good at dealing with tricky turf! (read more) 

T. is looking for a good painter and wallpaperer. Any recommendations very welcome! (read more)

M. needs a property management company. Any ideas? (read more) 

That squirrels in the loft question has had a few suggestions. I don’t think they’ll be there much longer! (read more)

Marts is a cleaner with some availability (read more).

PD is STILL after feedback on Upper Tooting (read more).

And a builder gets a nice review. Lovely! (read more)


And a scrum of Schools posts

A. would love to know your thoughts on The Park Kindergarten in SW11 (read more).

Yellowbird Education is running several workshops over the Easter holidays from 7+ to 11+ prep including Creative Writing and Reasoning (read more).

Hyde Tutoring also has plans for school holiday revision courses with English dates published and Maths dates coming soon (read more).

M. has posted to add thoughts to a recent thread on Henry Cavendish and Rutherford House(read more).

SherryM asks for your views on the Roche nursery (read more)

And also asks if anyone knows the deadline for the Thomas’s kindergarten (read more)


And a maul of Travel posts

Camp Suisse, the team who run unforgettable summer camps for 7 to 17-year-olds in the Swiss Alps, is running a skiing week with some availability this half term and a lovely 10% discount especially for us (read more).

More good news, Gitcombe Retreat have just been awarded a FIVE STAR ACCOLADE – well done! (read more).

There’s been some talk of The Witterings…oh I do like to be beside the seaside (read more)

C. is thinking of somewhere warm for spring half term. Any ideas? (read more).

And S.’s post about where to stay in Dubai has come up with some top tips. C., have a read! (read more)

This month’s NappyValleyNet offers and competitions include travel temptation in the form of £100 off at family-friendly Villa Pia in Tuscany, a lovely 15% off any cottage any time at the gorgeous Gitcombe in Devon, and an irresistible midweek special at Luxury Family Hotels with candlelit dinners, childcare and cream tea for two..(read more).


Here come those Situations Vacant!

Lingerie fitting specialist/assistant manager at Amélies Follies (read more).

Marketing & Community Engagement Coordinator at Marsh & Parsons (read more).

Receptionist with Cedar Bifold (

Very (!) part-time accountant(read more).

Part-time waiting staff for luxury caterers (read more).

Freelance designer needed for travel business (read more).

7+ Maths and English tutor with Exceptional Academics (read more).

Part-time Community Manager at Ben at Work (read more).


For sale

All about getting cosy this week!

Nursing chair and stool (read more).

John Lewis junior bed (read more).

Bunk beds (read more).

Corner sofa and sofa bed (read more).

And so to sleep…!



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team


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