“Worried I am becoming a functioning alcoholic”. “Yummy mummys” abuse commuter on escalator. How much to spend on teachers Xmas presents? Eat mince pies and raise money for charity.

Last Updated on : 10th December 2013
How much to spend on teachers Xmas presents








Dear South West London Mum,


I don’t have high expectations as far as Christmas presents are concerned.

Mr NappyValleyNet is to present giving what Boris Johnson is to smart haircuts.

Once he bought me a coat which was EXACTLY the same as one I already had.

And I mean EXACTLY the same: same colour, same size and same style.

My daughter is now old enough to realise how bad he is and decided to step in.

This week I eavesdropped on her telling him that he should buy me a handbag for Christmas (I’ve trained her well) and that her short-list of shops were Prada, Chanel (pronounced “channel”) and Gilly Hicks (I didn’t say she was perfect).

She told him the budget was £50 and that he was to choose one online and then they would go out shopping for the day to buy it in person.

After ten minutes of fruitless searching she decided the budget actually needed to be £500 and after another ten minutes she wasn’t sure but he would have to pay “whatever”.

At that point I decided to intervene and so breezed into the room with a cheery “what’ya doing?”

Mr NVN just looked stressed whereas my daughter looked like the cat who’d got the cream.

“It’s a surprise,” she babbled “but we’re going shopping and you and me are getting matching presents!”


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CG99 would like recommendations for a good tile and bathroom showroom (click here) KM wants to leave a recommendation for a decorator (click here) LA complains about her Fisher and Paykel dishwasher (click here) LM is searching for someone to design and install a kitchen (click here). SMW needs someone to create CAD drawings of a house…click here for details


The NappyValleyNet calendar is packed, lots and lots and lots to do!

Balham Breastfeeding cafe is at Harrisons! (click here) Busy Bees in Wandsworth have an open day on the 11th of December (click here) and The Seven Wonders of Christmas comes to Clapham Common…click here for details

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a selection of birth, baby and toddler books (click here), a rain forest play gym (click here) and a Moses basket (click here). 


That’s it, have a wonderful week.




Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


PS we’ll be announcing the winner of “Win a Nappy Valley Christmas” later this week!

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