Yule-Thai’d treat

Last Updated on : 9th January 2019
Lunch for one at Green Curry
180 Garratt Ln, Wandsworth, London SW18 4ED

Green Curry is a Thai café situated on Garratt lane between Earlsfield and Wandsworth town centre. It’s been there for a few years now and is perhaps best described as being more rough and ready than it’s cuisine compatriots such as the Thai Grocer and Café Amaranth. It is though one of my go to lunch venues for two excellent reasons. Firstly, it’s about 200 yards from my front door and secondly you can get a freshly cooked lunch for a fiver.

Green Curry Thai Cafe 

Walking through the front door one glorious betwixtmass day, I decided to take in my surroundings with fresh eyes. OK so what I saw could hardly be described as a grand lux experience, the floor is carpeted if that is the right expression with something resembling astroturf which if not a unique flooring choice for a café, is at least characterful. Aside from the flooring the interior is eclectic and cluttered, but comfortable enough.


So what can you get for your £5 lunch? Well as you’d expect it is a rather limited selection of Thai standards, Pad Thai, Pad Mee, Drunken Noodles and Thai curries, all served with your choice of meat, chicken or prawn. If you want to push the boat out there is also a selection of appetisers available between £2-£3 including gyoza, prawn toast, spring rolls etc. As it was Christmas, I’d decided to splurge and ordered a chicken pad mee and some prawn toasts to start with.

The prawn toasts arrived swiftly and were quickly identified as originating from the Oriental supermarket. They were fine, if a little overly oily, but tasted exactly like every other take away prawn toast you’ve ever had. I suspect that the other appetisers would have also have that just bought in flavour.

The pad mee however was to my taste very good. Now I must admit I have never been to Thailand and so don’t know how a pad mee is supposed to taste. Here the vegetables and noodles were very fresh, with a nice citrus tang permeating, with generous chunks of chicken.


Every time I’ve had lunch here, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how busy it is, given its relative isolation. If you ignore the mass-produced starters, the food here isn’t the best Thai food you’ll experience, but it is tasty and excellent value. And on this occasion, I enjoyed the lunch so much I returned the following evening for dinner with a friend where we both thoroughly enjoyed their eponymous green curry.

You can buy soft drinks here, which are a tad overpriced (well they must make their margin somewhere,) but a top tip for evening dining is that it is BYO and there is a Tesco metro conveniently located almost next door. My bill for lunch with starters was £7.50 and the evening meal with friend inclusive of corn cakes, fish cakes and 2 servings of chicken green curry a January budget dining friendly £33.

So, whist this isn’t the best food or best décor you’ll ever experience, this is a budget and people friendly dining experience as easy on the pallet as it is on the wallet. The bottom line this is a good cheap lunch choice, great for solo diners and a friendly place to spend an evening without taking out a second mortgage. Just beware it is like so many of these places cash only, but don’t worry the Tesco’s also has a cash point.


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