WASuP Sting Relief - A Review

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WASuP Sting Relief - A Review

Postby joNVN » Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:17 pm

Review - WASuP Sting Relief  
Having received a sample of WASuP in my NappyValleyNet “meet up’” goody bag, I popped it into the family rucksack and thought nothing more about it. However, I am now recommending this product to everyone! With the sunny weather last weekend , my 3 year old had the unfortunate incident of being stung while we were on the Common. Trying the easy to use capsule, the result was instant relief from the WASuP wipe, and a very brave little girl. I will definitely be restocking for the Summer ahead. A great product.  

It’s creator Emma Quigley (and Mum of 5), explained that WASuP was developed out of necessity, when her 2 year old was stung and she couldn’t, find anything to buy to relieve the sting suitable for that age. After reading an old wives tale about vinegar relieving stings, Emma (who is a pharmacist) spent years researching and developing remedies. The result, is a unique, organic, effective sting relief that is suitable for all ages  Thought has gone into the development of the device too. It’s recyclable device is handy enough to take anywhere and the bamboo wipe released when you press it, is biodegradable. Great for soothing stings wherever you might be. 

WASuP comes in a pack of 4 capsules  and costs £8.00.
Emma is offering all NappyValleyNet users 20% off their WASuP purchase, using the code NAPPYVALLEY20 at the checkout on
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