Dulwich College marks Mental Health Awareness Week with Equal Elements

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Dulwich College marks Mental Health Awareness Week with Equal Elements

Postby Annabel (admin) » Tue May 23, 2023 12:11 pm


It can be a challenge to find the balance. Whether it’s perfecting the Warrior 3 yoga pose or balancing finances we all recognise how difficult it can be to juggle what we should do, versus day-to-day reality. Mental Health Awareness Week provided pupils and staff at Dulwich College with a plethora of practical solutions, habit forming lifestyle choices and spaces to interact, relax in and to remember to breathe.
Keynote speakers Dr Josie Perry and Matt Lovell enlightened us with balance and connection points on identity, nutrition and sleep, and talks and workshops led by staff spotlighted ways to focus and forgive ourselves.
Across the school, students participated in mindfulness, tai chi, yoga, running, swimming, jive dancing, Lego therapy, knitting, theatre and mentoring. The Wodehouse Library hosted a plant and seedling swap, curated bespoke reading lists, and ran a bookmark making class. The counselling team led guided breathing classes every morning in the Yelcho Room and invited pupils to Pixar and Popcorn each breaktime for those who wanted to get away from the noise of the playground. 
“It has been fantastic to see so many pupils and staff engaging in activities that I hope will at the very least ensure they are thinking about the activities that can help support their positive mental health. It was wonderful to see the DUCKS staff engaging so fully in the spin, Pilates, and yoga. We are aiming to ensure that this isn’t a one off. Mrs Shaw was delighted to report how much the staff had enjoyed having an instructor led Spin session. The nutrition and sleep lecture from expert Matt Lovell also provided a great source of knowledge and inspiration for simple ways in which we can all make a difference to our positive Mental Health journeys. Rev Buckler & the Junior School pupils were fully engaged in Matt’s ideas around sleep being our silver bullet to living a healthy and happy life”, reports Director of Sport, Phil Greenaway.
To echo Mr Greenaway, Balance is not just for a week. It is all our hope that we continue with activities that promote good wellbeing throughout the busy academic year.
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