“Ex” wants brand new partner to meet children, too soon? Husband’s affair – what are my rights? Protest against construction on Wandsworth Common!

Last Updated on : 19th January 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Mr NappyValleyNet is rubbish at choosing presents.

I don’t mind a little bit awful, I mean truly truly terrible. I can only assume he logs into “WeChooseRubbishPresents.Com” whenever he is tasked with buying a gift.

Somehow I managed to forget this and foolishly asked him to choose a present for his sixteen year old niece who is in the middle of GCSE re-sit hell.

On the big day we all sat around the tree exchanging gifts and it was soon her turn. We waited whilst she unwrapped what was obviously a book.

“It looks like Harry Potter,” she said, “but it’s foreign.”

“Yes,” beamed my dozy spouse, “I know exams are really tough so I got you a book but…” there was a theatrical pause whilst he built up to the big reveal, “in LATIN!”

“So,” he continued, managing to bring schooling into what should be her one guaranteed exam-free day of the year, ”whilst you’re reading about wizards and stuff you’ll actually be studying!”

He smiled beatifically.

I’d have thumped him with JK Rowling’s finest but his niece is politer than that.

Her true feelings, however, were evident in her thank card which arrived a few days later.

“Dearest Uncle, Thank you for giving me the gift of homework for Christmas…”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Protest against construction on Wandsworth CommonKR posted that Northcote Road library is to close but Wandsworth Council have responded and its not that straightforward…click here for details

Allgood is extremely upset as her ex wants to introduce his new partner to their children, too soon?…click here for details

On a similarly upsetting theme, Mamuchi found out a week before Xmas that her husband has been having an affair with a work colleague. She has no idea as to her rights/entitlements and would welcome advice…click here for details

THREE big planning issues with deadlines so please read! Firstly, there are only a few weeks left to stop a major increase in aircraft noise over Wandsworth (click here)  Secondly (and thirdly) Dan Watkins has posted details of plans to build Cross Rail access shafts on Trinity Fields and Wandsworth Common (yes really!) AND Springfield Hospital are looking to set aside some of their green space protection when they shortly build new housing. Thanks Dan! (click here).

Babyintuition posts that Nappy Valley inhabitants are emotional stable! That’s not just her opinion but that of a real national newspaper!…click here for details

Tamara would like to buy a copy of Charlie Hebdo, does anyone know where it’s on sale?…click here for details

MamanMummy asks ‘where do you bank?’ In particular, do you have recommendations for banks which offer both UK and EUR accounts?…click here for details

Protest against construction on Wandsworth CommonThe parliamentary elections are months away but that hasn’t stopped some of you expressing strong opinions on the candidates…click here for details

Bankermummy recently had her carpets cleaned and now her little one has some bumps and a rash. Anyone else experienced an allergic reaction?…click here for details

Anna1103 is looking for maternity clothes in size 6/8 (spring summer season) anyone selling? (click here)You could take a look at Annabels Arcade…click here for details

Mummybear is looking for local teeth whitening? Any recommendations for gleaming gnashers?…click here for details

From teeth to toes! BFW asks if anyone has experience with flat feet/flat arches in a child?…click here for details

From feet to hair! It’s like “Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes” but in the wrong order! Petal has reached the point where she can’t ignore her grey hairs anymore. Can anyone please suggest a good brand of semi-permanent home colour? …click here for details

I LOVE this post! DulwichBoys are two Old Alleynians who are looking to raise funds for a venture. They are looking for any work (and they mean anything) that the Nappy Valley community might need help with!…click here for details

Two pub questions! This is like a pub quiz but the questions are actually about pubs! Tigerlily asks has if anyone been to The Manor, on Clapham Manor Street? (click here) and Mummybear needs a 40th Birthday venue in SW London or Chelsea? (excluding Harrisons, the Northcote and Beaufort House who are all booked!)…click here for details

Two party questions! It’s like a party quiz but the questions are actually about, Oh OK, I’ve already done that joke! Littlemissy1 is looking for an entertainer for a girls 4th birthday party? (click here)  and Pepper would like to rent a cheap and cheerful room for a birthday partyclick here for details

Now this is an interesting idea. A veg box scheme but for fish! The fish is “super fresh”, sourced from day boats on the south coast which use low impact fishing methods and kinder to the marine environment. Do please let us know if anyone tries it!…click here for details

Running mum’s children have become quite obsessed at collecting Yo Yo Bear cards. Swapsies?…click here for details

Linchpin are a small local company looking for an office for 3 people. Renting or buying, they’re not fussed!…click here for details

Looking for activity ideas? Look no further!

Does your little one fancy themselves as the next Nigella or Naked Chef? The Cookhouse on Broomwood Road hold cookery classes every Tues evening (click here).   Does your little one fancy themselves as a demon axe man/woman fronting a thrash metal group at Wembley? Aaronjam3 is a professional musician and can help release their inner Aerosmith! (click here).  Do YOU fancy a fabby freewheel with the wind in your hair and getting fit to boot? Everyone Bikes have announced that their “Women’s Weekly Road Bike Rides” are back! (click here)  Amanda’s Action Club have published their latest session times at the Skylark Cafe! You can also have a free trial if you follow the link! (click here).

Looking for a new challenge? We can help!

Xtraspace Construction are looking for an architect (click here).  There is a part time receptionist position available at Naval Mair Osteopathy & Wellbeing (click here).  Joronabev are looking for a Creative Art Tutor for an after-school club (click here).  Frauke is looking for a smart, friendly and reliable after-school nanny to help with childcare for two very easy and bright children, girl aged 9 and boy aged 7 (click here).

Looking to travel the world? We’re the Michael Palin of community websites!

Seb is thinking of a ski drive and wonders if anyone has done it from Wandsworth? (click here).  Moomie are going to Longleat Centre Parcs and asks if anyone has successfully used their baby monitor adjacent to their own property? (click here).  Familyman is considering New York and Barcelona this year. When is the best time to travel to get a good deal and fantastic weather? (click here).  Mumtoafew is off to Da Balaia but might take a villa for a second week. Good idea? (click here).  Owenwe is looking for winter sun in March with a 23 month old, any ideas? (click here).

The Eleven Plus Exams are almost over but your questions keep coming!

Wheresmyschool? asks if anyone has any feedback on this year’s Eleven Plus exams? How did the exams fare compared to previous years. Are certain schools are “up and coming” etc  (click here).  Lia has a 3 year old daughter and they are considering registering her for preschool this September. Suggestions? (click here).  Moonlight is looking at schools for 2016 and just wondered if anyone could shed some light on these schools? Sheringdale, Our Lady Queen of Heaven RC and St Mary’s R? (click here).  Beachdreaming is looking at the private schools around Clapham Common and has heard that Thomas’s prefers students not to leave at 7+ for London Day Schools such as King’s, Dulwich, Colet and Westminster? Has anyone tried this or have any further information? (click here).

“Baby it’s Cold Outside” but you STILL have a skip full of house and garden questions!

Honeybee needs to get her sound system fixed? It isn’t particularly expensive but she doesn’t really want to go out and buy a new one if she can help it (click here).  Emilyc22  wants to highly recommend her cleaner (click here).  SJH Mummy is hoping to get a white cabin bed for her 3 year old. Whilst they love the look of the GLTC and Aspace ones they are very expensive, any other ideas? (click here).  Elsa09 needs some carpet advice, theirs are horribly stained and grotty, can anyone suggest a reasonably priced company/independent who can talk her through options? (click here).  Cuqui03 need’s to install a new downpipe. Anyone know a company that does this? (click here).  Ganglyjim needs recommendations for carpet fitters specialising in fitting stair runners? (click here).  Ktbells needs a home for a month! (click here).

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

MEDELA Breast pump for sale, £15, o.n.o. (click here)  Blue BUMBO floor seat with tray, for sale, £10 (click here) and 8 boxes of bamboo flooring for sale, £25 per box…click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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